The 20 Most Beautiful Wedding Venues in America

Wedding bells ring a little sweeter in a well-designed venue. Though celebrating a couple’s love is the most important aspect of any impending nuptials, the right location can be the cherry on top of the white-frosted, three-tiered wedding cake. Historically, in the western world, receptions took place in the bride’s house, where her family’s financial standing would often dictate the way the marriage was celebrated. In middle class families, tea and a luncheon were common, whereas wealthier families might host a formal ball. These days, however, a wedding venue can say more about the actual couple instead of the family they come from. The pair who exchange vows in an Art Deco ballroom dripping in ornamentation and intricate details couldn’t be more different from those who get married in a shabby chic barn with shimmering twinkle lights. 

No matter the style—modern or traditional, indoor or outdoor, minimalist or maximalist—the space should be beautiful, and these 20 venues are among the most eye-catching in the country.