The Best DIY Place Cards for Your Wedding Day

Once you’ve chosen your wedding date, booked your dream venue, and found a wonderful officiant, many of the remaining elements are all focused on the details. But those details, big or small, are so important! They are what will infuse personality into your big day, creating a true representation of you and your partner and your bond.

If you’re planning a sit-down dinner for your reception, one of the key details to consider is place cards. While tiny, these little cards will help guests find their seats to settle in for a wonderful meal. And there are so many options for making them your own.

If you’re hoping to go the DIY route for some of your wedding details and décor, place cards are a great item to add to the list. There are so many simple ways to handcraft cards, along with displaying them in or on a clever vessel to match your overall aesthetic.

As with any DIY wedding detail, be sure you have the bandwidth to add this project to your plate. The last thing you want to do is add wedding-related stress! Don’t be afraid to ask for help with this type of project, or even make a night of it by getting your wedding party together for an afternoon
of crafting. For some place card options, it may be best to ask another person to help with the handwriting if you like their penmanship better.

Below, find 12 DIY wedding place card ideas for your big day.