The Best Outfits In Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem knows fashion. As surprising as that statement may sound, it is true. The series that has given us epic sword fights, engaging stories, and Diving Dragons has also given us years and years of haute couture. Fire Emblem characters wear extravagant outfits that are both admirable and hard to replicate in cosplay.

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However, there are some characters who really dress to impress in their games. Whether they are a noble, a divine, or part of an in-game time skip, their outfits are immaculate, amazing, and make us reevaluate our own styles. Here are our top picks for the best-dressed characters in the Fire Emblem series.


10 Lissa

Lissa's Victor Pose from Fire Emblem Warriors

Lissa is the princess for Ylisse and the younger sister of Fire Emblem Awakening’s protagonist, Chrom. As the first healer you meet in game, Lissa has the tough job of being everywhere at once and staying out of harm’s way, which means that Lissa’s outfit has to combine regality, moveability, and her background as a healer.

The base of Lissa’s outfit consists of a light-yellow dress that flares slightly, thanks to her crinoline. Accompanying it are accents of white, as seen by the bottom and sleeves of her dress, as well as her apron and headpiece. It’s an outfit that might seem out of place next to the many armored units of Awakening, but one that captures the character’s playfulness and bright personality.

9 Maribelle

Maribelle from Fire Emblem Awakening

Maribelle is another character from Fire Emblem Awakening and, coincidentally, is also a healer. However, unlike Lissa, who has to run everywhere, Maribelle’s class is a Troubadour, meaning she gets to ride a horse. This is shown in her outfit, where instead of a skirt, Maribelle is given a pair of pink riding pants.

However, this noblewoman is still, well, a noblewoman and thus must present herself as one. The finer details of Maribelle’s outfit that reflect her social standing are her pink gloves, her white handkerchief and bows, her tiny red earrings, and of course, the parasol she carries everywhere. It’s a shame that she never got to fight with that parasol.

8 Freyr

Freyr from Fire Emblem Heroes, With Mysterious Shadow in the Background

Freyr is a character introduced in Fire Emblem Heroes’ Book IV campaign. As the god of dreams, Freyr’s outfit has to reflect his importance and power over the sleepy time fantasies. This is accomplished by the strong butterfly motif found in his robes.

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At his chest, a giant multicolored butterfly erupts and encompasses the top half of his outfit. It’s the centerpiece of his look and is paired with a simple, long white dress that highlights the rainbow bug’s beauty. It’s a smart pairing that helps create a whimsical and magical outfit. One that looks like it came straight out of a fantasy novel. Or possibly, a dream?

7 Shigure

Shigeru from Fire Emblem Fates

Shigure is Azura’s son from Fire Emblem Fates. At first glance, it is easy to see the similarities between his outfit and his mother’s iconic blue and white dress. However, unlike Azura, Shigure’s clothing has two different blue hues, both of which are darker than his mother’s.

Reflecting his starting class as a Pegasus Knight, Shigure’s outfit comes equipped with large, armored shoulder pads, blue decorative tassels, and white riding boots. Interestingly, his outfit shares similarities with his aunt Hinoka’s, as she also wears Pegasus Knight armor with dark blue accessories. But, as cool as being a knight is, a part of us wishes he was a Songstress too. He and Azura could’ve put on some awesome concerts together.

6 Céline

Céline from Fire Emblem Engage

Even though Céline’s outfit does not make any practical sense, we can’t deny that it is a look. The dress is both an elegant ballgown, with ruffles and ribbons, and a short miniskirt. The platform shoes Céline wears are extravagant and are paired with socks that only cover her knees and feet, not her ankles. Her top is a confused laced halter top that also has a green corset attached to it. And her crown looks like two butterflies on their way to a bouquet.

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It’s an absolutely ridiculous outfit, but because it is ridiculous, it is also amazing. Only in Fire Emblem do you get to attack your enemies in a skirt that looks like an upside-down tulip.

5 Annette

Annette Dominic from Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

Even though Annette wears a very pretty outfit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it’s her post time skip outfit in Fire Emblems Warriors: Three Hopes that makes this list. Annette’s Three Hopes’ outfit consists of a white, knee-length dress with blue sleeves, blue ribbons, and orange accents. She also wears an orange shawl, gloves, and a white handkerchief.

Though this outfit shares the same main colors as her Three Houses look, there’s a cuteness here that shows that Annette has not reached her Three Houses maturity yet. The ribbons, ruffles on her skirt, and her braided, circular pigtails all reflect how Annette is no longer the student she once was but also isn’t quite an adult yet. Like many characters in Three Hopes, Annette is at a turning point in her life, and her clothing reflects this unsure change.

4 Marianne

 Marianne Talking to Byleth (Post Time Skip) from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Out of all the post time skip glow-ups, Marianne’s glow-up in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is one of the best. Her brand-new outfit consists of a floor-length dress that has dark blue and light blue hues paired with a small cape accented with white and gold. Smaller details include gold tassels and designs that decorate the bottom parts of her outfit.

What makes this look great is that Marianne wears it confidently. After five long years, she no longer has dark circles under her eyes or messy hair. Plus, her support conversations are more cheerful, and she herself is a happier person. It’s a surprising turn of events and one that deserves a round of applause.

3 Claude

Claude from Fire Emblem Three Houses with Failnaught

You wouldn’t expect this prankster to be on the best-dressed list. But after five years and a war, Claude has gone through a bit of a fashion makeover. Unlike the loud and overwhelming reds of Edelgard’s outfit and the somber blue and black of Dimitri’s, Claude’s post time skip clothes are bright and incorporate other colors beyond his regular yellow.

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Though yellow is still the base color, Claude’s dress also has small accents of green, a belt with little red and white pom poms, and a side coat that is a striking gold. It’s a regal and professional look that manages to capture some of early Claude’s playfulness while also establishing him as the new leader of the Alliance.

2 Timerra

Timerra from Fire Emblem Engage

Timerra is the crown princess of Solm that you meet in Fire Emblem Engage. Her outfit is vibrant, colorful, and reflects her love of performing. Timerra wears a bright tie-dye pink crop top with scalloped edges and a matching tie-dye tiered skirt that has splashes of green and yellow in it. The skirt also has ruffles attached, giving the piece of clothing a layered and even more tiered look.

However, the best thing about Timerra’s outfit is her accessories. Round colorful balls decorate her waist, ankles, wrists, and even her hair. Logically, they don’t make any sense and are merely add-ons to an already cheerful ensemble. But then again, Céline has a two-in-one skirt. So, these pom poms can be forgiven.

1 Whoever Upgraded To Bride Class

Lucina, in Bride Class DLC, from Fire Emblem Warriors

Whether you want to get married or not, you can’t deny that the wedding dress is a beautiful outfit to look at. And in Fire Emblem, you get the chance to not only wear one, but fight in one too. The Bride Class was a class that could only be gotten through DLC in Fire Emblem Awakening. Once obtained, a female unit could be re-classed as a Bride and be given the bridal abilities of Rally Heart and Bond. But more importantly, your character got to wear a lovely white wedding dress.

Unfortunately, this class hasn’t been seen outside of Awakening. But the wedding dress has made a reappearance as DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors and during one of Fire Emblem Heroes’ special events. It’s impractical, but it wouldn’t be Fire Emblem without a little bit of impracticality.

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