The Best Wedding Arch Kits That You Can Buy on Amazon

Everyone loves a good arch. They’re just something romantic about them. Maybe you’ve always imagined yourself standing underneath an arch covered with your favorite flowers when you say “I do.” Or you just want something around or slightly behind you, your spouse and the officiant to give your photos more of a visually exciting background. A well-designed arch can help you out. As you’ve probably already figured out during your exhaustive wedding planning, floral or balloon arches don’t just appear out of nowhere. You have to figure out how to make your dream a reality. That’s where one of the best wedding arch kits can help you out. 

These sets come with nearly everything you need. If you want a low-maintenance, non-stressful solution, we found a kit that you can install over an arch at your venue. One of our picks is a metal arch, which is tailor-made for weddings—and flowers. Another big is a white, gold and confetti balloon arch that’ll match your dress and add a little extra joy to walking down the aisle.

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1. Ling’s moment Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers Kit


Courtesy of Ling’s moment.

You won’t have to stress about this arch on your big day. Handmade, this kit comes with a top centerpiece, two tieback flower pieces and semi-sheer curtain materials. You won’t have to worry about real flowers wilting as you say your “I do’s.” The artificial flowers include beautiful roses, dahlias, peonies and greenery. It’s available in either timeless ivory or delicate dusty rose. All you’ll need to purchase is something to hang it up on.

2. Balloon Garland Arch Kit


Balloon Garland Arch Kit

Courtesy of ZiZa.

Celebrate with a balloon garland arch. Your big day will be full of big balloons—to say the least. Who doesn’t love balloons? The kit comes with 50 large white balloons, 30 small white balloons, five large confetti balloons and five large gold balloons. If you think blowing up and assembling an arch with these seems intimidating, don’t worry. You get decorating strip tape, a balloon tying tool, 100 glue dots and 33 feet of ribbon to make sure all of your balloons form an arch.

3. Adorox 7.5Ft 1 Set White Metal Arch


Adorox 7.5Ft 1 Set White Metal Arch

Courtesy of Adorox.

If you want an arch of flowers to surround you and your future spouse as you’re making your vows, you’ll need something to hold all of the roses and peonies. This white metal arch, which is 57 in. wide by 94 in. tall, is made for weaving flowers and ribbons in and out of it. This durable yet lightweight arch is easy to assemble. You’ll just need to decide whether you want to cover it in live or fake florals.

4. wartleves Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers Kit

wartleves Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers Kit

Courtesy of wartleves.

With this kit, you get the sheer fabric and some floral details, which include faux pink roses, oncidium, peony and green leaves. The flowers are bendable and easy to customize to the kind of arch that you got, whether that’s circular or rectangular.

5. LANGXUN Large Size White Metal Round Balloon Arch kit

LANGXUN Φ7.2ft (2.2m) Large Size White Metal Round Balloon Arch kit

Courtesy of LANGXUN.

This 7.2 ft. by 7.2 ft. white iron wedding arch won’t let you down on your big day. The arch is easy to decorate and because it doesn’t come with any additional accessories, you can customize it to the look that you want on your wedding day, whether that be balloons, flowers or lights.