The Best Wedding Dresses In Video Games

Video games allow for an astounding amount of cool fashion choices, with wedding dress designs among them. While video game weddings are most prevalent in life simulation games, a few action-heavy games also feature some of the most iconic wedding scenes.

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Wedding dresses are meant to be elegant statement pieces, drawing attention to the bride on her big day. In video games, there’s no shortage of stunning wedding gowns stealing the spotlight. From flowing trains to sparkling fabric, each dress is distinct and beautiful. You’ll certainly “ooo” and “aah!” over these picks. And who knows? You might even find inspiration for your own wedding dress!


8/8 Lochlady Dress (Super Mario Odyssey)

Princess Peach Wedding Dress Super Mario Odyssey

While Super Mario Odyssey is not the first time Princess Peach appeared in a wedding dress, it is the most notable—and gorgeous—wedding gown she’s worn. Though Bowser’s attempt to marry Peach by force is certainly unethical and villainous, you must admit, he did have excellent taste when picking out her wedding dress.

The Lochlady Dress is simple in design, yet the shimmer of the satin fabric elevates the look. The veil also has a subtle, starry sparkle to it. Going sleeveless was also a bold choice, but Peach pulls it off well. The bouquet of Piranha Plants is the perfect finishing touch to bring the whole ensemble together.

7/8 Gown Of Eternal Devotion (Final Fantasy 14)

Final Fantasy 14 Gown of Eternal Devotion for Ceremony of Eternal Devotion

Final Fantasy 14 allows you to get married in-game, and the wedding dress option for the event’s attire is absolutely stunning. Named the Gown of Eternal Devotion, this elegant dress has a lot of classy, unique design features that set it apart as a statement piece among wedding dresses.

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The dress features almost every design choice you might want in a wedding dress: ruffles, lace, patterns, light jewelry, and flowers. Yet, surprisingly, the numerous design features don’t clutter the dress, but elevate it. The Gown of Eternal Devotion is a true statement piece, perfect for the wedding day.

6/8 Yuna’s Wedding Dress (Final Fantasy 10)

Yuna's Wedding Final Fantasy 10 Dress and Marriage to Seymour

While Yuna, one of the best characters in the Final Fantasy series, ultimately doesn’t go through with her wedding to Seymour in Final Fantasy 10, her wedding dress is absolutely epic. It has a stately, powerful look to it, with a unique flair that makes it a one-of-a-kind wedding dress.

While the base dress is relatively simple white fabric unadorned with extra frills, the feathers lining the skirt cement this wedding dress as one of the best. The feathers of the dress give it an angelic vibe, which is emphasized through the set of wings on the back as well.

5/8 Innocent Flora Dress (Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town)

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town Innocent Flora Dress

Like many farming simulations, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town gives you your choice of candidates to marry as a part of progressing through the game. What’s unique about this specific installment’s marriage element is your ability to choose your wedding attire. The Innocent Flora Dress is among your options.

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This wedding dress is stunning and uniquely gorgeous. Its nontraditional light teal color sets it apart from the traditional elegant white wedding dress. The layered shirt, resembling dainty flower petals, also adds to its beauty. The Innocent Flora Dress is not only one of the best video game wedding dresses, but also the prettiest wedding dress in a farming sim.

4/8 Rune Factory 4 Wedding Dress

Rune Factory 4 Wedding Dress Character Art

Rune Factory 4, as a cross between life simulation and fantasy RPG, fittingly has a wedding dress that looks absolutely magical. Though it is mostly the traditional wedding white, its baby blue accents add an enchanting charm to the dress.

The interesting fabric patterns of the dress add intriguing and elegant details to the design. From the intricate bodice accented with ruffles to the bunches of fabric around the waist, the dress has a unique flair. The accompanying veil adds to the look, its mix of white and transparent blue adding an ethereal vibe to the ensemble.

3/8 Witch Princess’s Dress (Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands)

Harvest Moon DS Sunshine Islands Witch Princess Wedding

An underappreciated look, the Witch Princess’s wedding dress stands out because it makes a bold statement. The Witch Princess is one of the most mysterious and elusive of the marriage candidates in Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands. She is also the most unique of the game’s bachelorettes, with her rivalry with the Harvest Goddess establishing her as a powerful woman.

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Unsurprisingly then, her wedding dress ditches the traditional white fabric for a black and pink combination. To top off the whole ensemble, the Witch Princess wears a crown. This dark twist on a wedding dress maintains the elegance required for the occasion while staying true to the Witch Princess’s character.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Meryl Wedding Dress and Scene

Metal Gear Solid 4 concluded with a shocking wedding between Meryl Silverburgh and Johnny Sasaki. Though their wedding had few attendees, the wedding dress Meryl wore for the event is a beautiful statement piece.

Much like Meryl herself, the dress has a no-nonsense design with limited feminine frills. Yet its lacy bodice with high neckline gives it a subtle elegance that adds to its beauty. The skirt ends with a long, textured train that also elevates her dress. The tiara and long gloves are the perfect finishing touches for the look.

1/8 Full-Sleeve Vintage Floral Wedding Dress (Sims 4)

Sims 4 Wedding Dress Floral Lace High Neck

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories pack contains numerous wedding dresses covering many different styles, color palettes, and accent options. Among the choices, the Full-Sleeve Vintage Floral dress is especially stunning.

Its high neckline, floor-length skirt, and long sleeves are all filled with exquisite detail, with a flowery pattern that turns a boring shape into a glamorous look. The completely white dress is an elegant, traditional look, but the wedding dress can be customized to more non-traditional colors as well, each pretty while allowing for a flair of personality.

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