The Big Impractical Jokers Challenges That Even Joe Couldn’t Complete

Joe and the other Tenderloins are certainly willing to say things to strangers that most people wouldn’t even dream of uttering to their closest friends. Although it might not always seem so obvious, there are certain lines even these men aren’t willing to cross. In Season 1, Episode 10 (“What Did I Eat?”), Joe is forced to pose as a beachfront employee on a boardwalk and repeat a number of ridiculous statements to fellow beachgoers (via TruTV). 

As Joe walks by a Black man sitting on a beachside bench, Murr instructs Joe to warn this beachgoer about a recent slew of race-based shark attacks. Joe doesn’t seem especially eager to strike up such a conversation but makes his way over toward the man anyway. After asking if the man enjoyed the water, Joe starts off by saying, “I heard we had to be careful today because the sharks were out there.” After the man responds with surprise, Joe replies, “Yeah, they were targeting…” 

However, before completing his sentence, the comedian thinks better of it and simply accepts the loss. While the idea of racist sharks lurking in the waters is certainly a ridiculous one, it’s simply far too sensitive of a topic for Joe to entertain, and he shuts it down relatively quickly.