The bride wore black

The bride in white and the groom in black – and that’s the way it has always been. Well, not exactly, as it is said that it was actually Queen Victoria who popularised the white wedding dress when she married Prince Albert in a white, lace-covered gown in 1840. Before then, brides could choose any colour – which they did, especially those who could not afford the luxury of buying a dress and wear it on one occasion.

Lately, more brides are opting for a black dress on the big day – so much so that designers are featuring it in their collections. Vera Wang, for instance, has offered a collection of black wedding dresses since 2011.

Mind you, it hasn’t become exactly the norm. But that is part of its appeal – that and the following.

Forever black

The more obvious connotation of the colour black is death – and some believe that it is bad luck to wear a black wedding gown, as it is the colour of mourning. However, in some cultures, black actually has a positive meaning. In Spain, for instance, brides traditionally wear a black lace wedding dress with a black wedding veil, called mantilla. For the Spanish, this black ensemble represents the vow that a bride makes on her wedding day – to be by her husband’s side till death parts them. 

f black suits your personality – and white makes you feel uncomfortable – then opt for the darker hue


You’re in good company

Plenty of celebs have worn a black dress for their wedding. Sarah Jessica Parker famously wore a black ball gown by Morgane Le Fay when she married Matthew Broderick in 1997. So did Christine Quinn in 2019 and Chloe Sevigny in 2020.

Personal choice

If you’ve always loved the colour black, you know that it represents who you are, and it makes you feel pretty, then consider wearing a black gown for your big day. So if black suits your personality – and white makes you feel uncomfortable – then opt for the darker hue. After all, your wedding day is about who you really are – and about looking your best.

Plenty of positives

While a white dress is classic and has connotations of purity, a black dress carries a hint of mystery and the unknown. And a black dress – as any woman knows – exudes power, confidence as well as elegance.

Comfort zone

There is also a practical reason why a black wedding gown rocks. While a white gown needs plenty of TLC, a black gown is more resistant to dirt and stains – so you can socialise with your guests, partake of the fiddliest of canapes, and dance the night away without having to worry too much about dirtying your dress.

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