The Dr. Samuel Bride Scholarship Helps Next Generation of Doctors With Funding

NEW YORK, Dec. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Students who are passionate about medicine and would like to undertake a medical course can now apply to the Dr. Samuel Bride Scholarship for Future Doctors. The scholarship is open to students studying medicine at an accredited university or college to become a doctor or medical professionals in the coming years. The scholarship fund is also open to high school students who have an interest in medicine and want to go to university to major in medicine.  Based on an essay competition, a $1,000 scholarship fund will be awarded to the most deserving student.

Dr. Samuel Bride understands how the increasing cost of attending university can put a great deal of stress on medical students. Even though many students wish to study and become healthcare practitioners, many do not come from privileged backgrounds, and cannot pay for quality education. Many talented students have given up on their dreams due to financial constraints and rising education costs. Some students have been forced to work part-time jobs to fund their education, and others have also given up on their dream. Dr. Samuel Bride is the sole individual who truly understands the problems that medical students face.  As a result, he is providing his scholarship fund to deserving students to alleviate their financial burden. Through his scholarship, he wants to give back to a star student and help them to focus on achieving their dreams. Through his scholarship, Dr. Bride also wishes to raise public awareness of the multiple problems that students learning to become healthcare professionals face.

Dr. Samuel Bride is a father, husband, physician, and tennis enthusiast. In 1995, he received his BA, and in 2006, he received his MD.  Dr. Bride is the Medical Director of UMD Urgent Care in Long Island City, New York, where he has been employed since 2015. He is also very extremely passionate about doing volunteer work. He regards volunteering as the most fulfilling and rewarding experience he had ever had. After years of experience and achievement, he wishes to give back to his community by launching a scholarship program for the upcoming generation of medical personnel.  Eligible students should take advantage of this scholarship opportunity by going to Dr. Bride’s official scholarship page to apply.

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