The Eagles Cheerleaders’ Uniforms Were Designed By A Wedding Gown Legend

We’re minutes away from the 2023 Super Bowl. Obviously, the cheerleaders are already top of mind. And you might be completely stunned by the mastermind behind the uniforms you witness during the showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. Ready for it? The Eagles cheerleaders’ uniforms were designed by bridal dynamo Vera Wang.

While the color-blocked black, white, and midnight green outfits (comprised of crop tops, low-rise skirts, and tiny boy shorts) are a far cry from the elaborate wedding dresses Wang is most known for, the celebrated bridal designer clearly knows how to do sleek sportswear. (She has many-a-time designed a sparkly leotard for some of the world’s best figure skaters, including Michelle Kwan and Nancy Kerrigan.) In fact, Wang herself once competed as a junior elite figure skater, so she understands the need for an ergonomic outfit that enhances performance.

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Having created, not one, but three stunning gowns for Chrissy Teigen‘s wedding to John Legend, Wang also happens to be a professional friend of Christina Weiss Lurie, the President of Eagles Youth Partnership and Social Responsibility. That’s how she got involved in the cheery project.

“We knew that [Wang] would be able to deliver a contemporary and fashion-forward look for the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders. It was equally important to work with a designer who understood both the glamour and athleticism of NFL cheerleaders,” Laurie told E!

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We love when fashion and football collide.

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