The Hottest Trends In Tropical Destination Wedding Fashion

While the setting may be relaxed, that doesn’t mean the fashion has to be. Brides and grooms can step up their fashion game while still making sure they’re cool and comfortable in the sun. As Jean Chen, the co-founder and COO of fashion brand Cicinia, told The List, tropical brides will be wearing flowing white gowns with delicate details like lace or beadwork. This will allow brides to showcase embellished gowns that are still lightweight — making them perfect to wear during a heatwave. 

Open backs, plunging necklines, sheered illusioned and body cone silhouettes are also making a beautiful statement, according to Victoria Walcott of Strapless or halter styles are always popular to show off a sun-kissed complexion, too. As for fabric, think chiffon, organza, and gazar to keep things light and airy. 

As for the men, a summer-weight suit in a natural fiber like linen or cotton is always a good choice. A light color will help him stay cool, and he can add a pop of color with his tie or pocket square.