The Huge Amount Jennifer Lopez Was Paid For Performing At A Wedding

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most iconic performers to ever exist, and the star has definitely found a way to capitalize on her talents. While plenty of fans have been able to buy tickets to see the singer in concert, it’s a special privilege to have J.Lo come perform at your wedding — and, as it turns out, there’s a pretty hefty price tag, too.

Back in 2011, Lopez sang at the wedding for the son of Uzbek oil tycoon, Azam Aslamov, in the Republic of Crimea — and was paid a casual $1 million to do so! According to The Hollywood Reporter, for just a single performance at a wedding, J.Lo managed to earn $1 million for the gig, making it a lot easier to see how she’s accrued such a high net worth over the years. Despite being fresh off of a separation from then-husband Marc Anthony at the time, Lopez still managed to make the best of the night, telling wedding-goers that she was “happy” to be with them that night. To be fair, for a million dollars, who wouldn’t be happy to be there?

So, in conclusion, there’s two things we learned from J.Lo’s 2011 wedding performance: It is possible to get Lopez to personally perform at your wedding, but it won’t come cheap!