The Jeep Grand Wagoneer Is The Perfect Wedding Limousine

Much has been said about the Grand Wagoneer’s styling, both positive and negative, but using it as a wedding car gave us an opportunity to gauge real opinions in real time. From the moment we pulled up to the venue, people took notice. Measuring 214.7 inches from front to back, the Jeep stretches nearly three inches longer than a regular wheelbase Escalade. Such a large vehicle makes a big impression, and if you need something with more space, Jeep is already working on an extended version.

Our tester’s Bright White with black roof paint scheme was perfect for the occasion, while blingy accents like the massive 22-inch wheels and grille oozed opulence. We asked a number of wedding guests who saw the Jeep if they thought it looked like a real luxury car with a six-figure price tag. The question was met with a resounding “yes.” In fact, because the “Jeep” logos are few and far between, many attendees weren’t even aware that the Grand Wagoneer is a Jeep product.