The Most Popular Days to Get Married in 2023

After you’ve said “yes” to the ultimate question, one of the first wedding planning tasks you’ll tackle is selecting a date. This particular day will be important for a myriad of reasons and, therefore, should be one that you and your partner both love. “It’s a date that will stay with you forever, a yearly celebration of your love, a time to stop and reflect about the last year you had together as a couple and to think back to the day you were married and relish in the love and excitement of that day,” Jung Lee of FÊTE says.

While some couples choose their date out of convenience (either based on venue or personal availabilities), others nail down a day that has a deeper meaning within their relationship. Regardless of the direction they ultimately take, though, couples tend to gravitate toward Saturdays during peak wedding season, which starts in May and ends in October. 

This year, there are a few key days to know when it comes to the quintessential wedding date. And with the help of three wedding experts, here are the most popular dates to get married in 2023. Keep scrolling to see if yours made the list.

Meet the Expert

  • Jung Lee is the founder and president of FÊTE, a full-service event planning and design production firm in New York City. She has been a wedding professional for more than 20 years.
  • Beth Helmstetter is the creative director of Los Angeles-based Beth Helmstetter Events and an event planner with 20 years of experience.  
  • Tara Guerard is the lead planner and designer of Tara Guerard Soiree, which has offices in Charleston, South Carolina, and New York City. She’s been working in the wedding industry for more than 25 years.

The Most Popular Wedding Dates in 2023

From long weekends to important days in astrology, these are the most popular dates to book your big day in 2023. 

Days With Repeating Numbers

According to numerology, repeating numbers (or angel numbers) deliver an important message from the universe. Since every pair wants to trade vows in the most special way, dates that exhibit a pattern or sequence will be a coveted choice, especially for spiritual couples. “A date is with you forever, and I have seen that couples are extremely sentimental,” Lee shares. “Couples want to have a meaningful date that cements the birth of their marriage.”

Some of the biggest days this year are 9/9/23, 9/23/23, and 11/11/23, due to the fact they each fall on a Saturday (the most popular day of the week to tie the knot). What’s more, they all have significance in numerology. The number nine in 9/9/23 signifies letting go of the old and welcoming the new, which is fitting for a celebration that marks the beginning of your new chapter together as a married couple. The angel numbers 2323 and 1111 are also perfect for weddings because they both symbolize new beginnings.

Three-Day Weekends

Another spot on the calendar couples will want to block off for their nuptials in 2023 is three-day weekends. “[Our clients] like the idea of family and friends being able to be more present for longer throughout the weekend and still be able to get home on Monday to settle in for their work week,” planner Beth Helmstetter explains. Additionally, Helmstetter notes that hosting your wedding on a long holiday weekend means you’ll have extra time to celebrate your anniversary in the upcoming years.

According to the planner, the weekends of Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Indigenous Peoples’ Day will be a favorable choice for couples planning a wedding this year. Since many engaged duos will be vying for these days, make sure to book your nuptials far in advance if you haven’t already. And if Saturday is unavailable, consider booking for Friday or Sunday, which can also help cut costs on your venue.

Astrological Dates

For couples who are interested in astrology, looking to the stars will help you determine the perfect time to swap vows. February 18 is expected to be a romantic date since Pluto and Venus will be in harmony right before the new moon, so your connection will feel even stronger. On that day, Jupiter and Mercury will also be working together, which will guarantee a celebration of fun and positive news.

Additionally, October 21 will be an in-demand astrology-inspired day this year. Why? With Jupiter and Venus in tandem, you’ll feel like the most confident version of yourself. These planets will also be in unity with Virgo and Taurus, which will provide more ease, optimism, love, and good fortune for your affair.

Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2023

According to planner Tara Guerard, couples should steer clear of saying “I do” during major holidays, such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These holidays are typically inconvenient and expensive when it comes to travel, so it’s best to keep your guests off the road or out of the airports during these times. “Don’t make traveling a nightmare for your guests,” she advises. 

Plus, many of your loved ones probably have family traditions they follow or annual trips they take during the holidays, so you don’t want your wedding to interfere with their plans and cause resentment. Not to mention, Helmstetter notes that hosting your big day over Christmas, for instance, will increase the cost of your overall bill because rates for vendors, labor, and transportation typically skyrocket. 

Other holidays you might want to avoid are Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, advises Helmstetter. Although they aren’t federal holidays with as much anticipation as some of the bigger celebrations, many of your guests will most likely have plans. “Florals are double the price over those dates, and guests often want to use those dates to celebrate other things,” Helmstetter explains.