The Mystery Of Why Ansel Elgort Was At Britney Spears’ Wedding Just Keeps Getting Weirder

Britney Spears got married back in June, and not surprisingly, her wedding was one of the most talked about affairs of the entire summer. The pop star, fresh off finally ending the conservatorship and regaining control over her life, wed her boyfriend Sam Asghari in a fairytale ceremony that reportedly had about 100 guests. Who made the cut and who did not were major sources of gossip on social media and in various publications. Given her history and complicated relationships, the yes list (Paris Hilton, Madonna) and the no list (her family) seemed to make sense, but when pictures and videos started emerging, many fans were confused when they saw West Side Story actor Ansel Elgort in the background of photos. 

Did they know each other? How did he end up on such an exclusive guest list? His presence was all the more surprising because apart from some contracted press appearances for West Side Story at the end of the previous year, he’d largely stepped away from the spotlight following 2020 sexual misconduct allegations, which he denied. Several articles questioned why he was there, and several more gossiped about how he hung out with fellow celeb Selena Gomez for much of the wedding.

And then everyone promptly moved on. Between Britney Spears’ first husband crashing the wedding, her hit collaboration with Elton John, ongoing drama with her family and some of the more adult photos she posts on social media, there has been no shortage of things for the pop legend’s fans to discuss. 

I just assumed we’d never know, but then she dropped a curious post on Instagram. Reflecting on her wedding, she dropped a slideshow of pictures and on one of them featuring Elgort, she referred to him as “the main character in Baby Driver” and talked about how funny the picture is. Check out the post below…

Britney Spears isn’t always the clearest when she communicates on social media, but to me, there’s an implication in that caption that she doesn’t know Ansel Elgort’s name and finds it amusing that he was dancing at her wedding. Nothing about this post indicates there is any level of closeness between the two, which is particularly confusing considering she had 100 total people at her wedding. This wasn’t a 400 person wedding where it would be totally normal for her not to know plus ones or only be vaguely familiar with family friends who got an invite.

I thought maybe I was the only one weirded out, but the entire comment section is just as confused as I am. It’s filled with comments once again asking why he was at the wedding. Here’s one with more than a thousand likes…

He’s at her wedding but she doesn’t know him? Why do I feel like the wedding was some random pick of celebrities invited as some sort of publicity thing?

I don’t have any answers here, and I’ve read into this extensively because I get emotionally invested in random stupid mysteries and can’t help myself. There are some who think Ansel Elgort may have had a connection through his father Arthur Elgort, who is a famous photographer with a lot of friends in the fashion industry. I think it’s more likely he scored an invite through Spears’ friend Paris Hilton, who is reportedly close enough to have gone on vacation with the actor. Maybe there’s a third connection we don’t know about, or maybe the two celebrities actually hang out with each other and have just never talked about it. Fingers crossed we find out someday.