The Other Way’ Recap, Season 3, Episode 14

For a season finale, “Love Is Love” provides enough surprises to keep things shocking even though most of the couples make it down the aisle. For most of the season, it seemed like Kenny and Armando were the only couple that would end up getting married, but Steven and Alina, Jenny and Sumit, and Corey and Evelin all join them in making the crossover to 90 Day’s Happily Ever After? franchise.

As bored as I’ve been with Corey and Evelin, it is kind of nice to see them finally have their real wedding. Sure, they’re already married, but that doesn’t stop Evelin from planning escape signals if she decides to leave Corey at the altar. Honestly, their wedding is the most exciting because it genuinely feels like Evelin could run away at any moment. I thought she or someone in her family would notice Corey’s friend who wasn’t invited, Raul, and that would be that. Instead, the ceremony is beautiful, and Evelin doesn’t even get mad when Raul gives a speech at the reception!

These two still aren’t interesting, but honestly, they’re so stubborn, I think they’ll stay together forever out of spite. They’re the couple I hope leaves the series because their story feels finished. Of course, Evelin will be devastated when she finds out Corey went and saw Jenny, but that’s a problem for the Tell All! Beyond that, the story of Corey and Evelin feels complete.

I genuinely didn’t think Alina and Steven would get married either! I assumed Steven would wait out the clock on the paperwork, but he actually follows through on one of his promises to Alina. It’s sad that neither one of them has friends or family there. Steven gathering the cats to be guests is cute, but when Alina is back with her real friends, there will probably be some kind of awakening. Steven can make all the nice gestures in the world, but he acts too immature to believe he really takes this relationship seriously. He’ll probably be back to talking to girls online in a matter of months, but at least these two can have sex now.

Steven and Alina would be a great choice to remain on the show next season if their marriage lasts long enough for Steven to make it to Russia. I think more issues will come up once the question of Alina and her mom converting is more urgent. These two really only scratched the surface of their problems, and I would certainly tune in to see Steven mess things up, even if he is incredibly irritating.

For as much build-up as there was behind Kenny and Armando’s wedding, the actual event isn’t as emotional as I thought it would be. Of course, they both cry a lot, and even Hannah is absolutely adorable, but once Armando embraces their wedding as a celebration, all of the anxiety we saw last week is gone. There are no moments with his dad acting awkward at the wedding, just pure joy and fireworks. These two deserve it, and it’s great their wedding goes off without any issues because the whole adoption conversation still looms for them in the background.

Finally, there’s the episode’s most shocking wedding: Jenny and Sumit. After Sumit decides he will send the paperwork in to begin the process for a court wedding, Jenny’s visa isn’t renewed, and they have to go with a quickie church wedding instead. While they wanted to avoid this because of Sumit’s astrologer, they get the go-ahead. Viewers, we have been watching Jenny and Sumit for years now. Sumit has done nearly everything he can to get out of marrying this woman. I am truly shocked that Sumit actually looks happy about their wedding. It’s not that Sumit is up to anything or doesn’t really love Jenny; it just seemed clear he prioritized his own needs, wants, and fears above hers.

Now, he is prioritizing Jenny, which means marrying her as soon as possible on her terms. That sadly includes not telling his parents about their quickie wedding. Jenny’s friend knows this is a mistake, and I think everyone watching also knows! The only thing Sumit fears more than marriage is losing his parents and doing this without telling them will break them. I don’t think they would’ve tried to stop it since they said they’d be more supportive, but I do think they’ll stop speaking to him when they discover he didn’t even tell them about it. We also don’t get a check-in from Jenny’s family to see what they think of things. They’re probably just happy she doesn’t have to worry about her visa status anymore.

Victor and Ellie don’t make an appearance in the finale, which doesn’t bode particularly well for the future of their relationship. Even though they had a big fight last week that sent Ellie back to Colombia’s mainland, we still don’t know if she gave up and went back to her pizza restaurant or if she’s going to stick around and try to help Victor as he rebuilds. Overall, these two were probably the most disappointing part of the season. They so clearly disliked each other from the start that we never even saw them be in love. Ellie was also just a sweet, normal person and not like the usual white women who go to South America on 90 Day Fiancé to be sex tourists. She cared deeply about Victor, but that’s probably not enough for them to work things out and remain on the franchise.

And last but not least, there’s Ari and Bini, who have very little to do in this wedding-filled episode. Despite that, Ari still excels at being a total villain. Bini has to go back to Ethiopia to apply for a visa to move to America like Ari wants. Their lawyer says it would be best if Ari went with him to show support. This week we find out that Ari has firmly decided not to help her husband do a thing that would help their marriage because it would hurt her pride to maybe see one of Bini’s friends. Her entire reasoning behind this makes no sense. She’s really deciding never to go back to the country her child and family are from because of pride?! Even after confirming that Bini didn’t cheat? What, she doesn’t want them laughing at her for allowing her house to become a music studio? Again, she’s the one who went to America! I think she still feels guilt over that decision and knows Bini’s sisters will call her out on it.

Obviously, Ari and Bini are most likely going to remain fixtures in the 90 Day Fiancé universe. Ari is a perfect villain, and the issues they’re going through are relatable. They essentially carried this season on their backs between Ari’s ex-husband drama and threats to stay in America.

• It is hilarious when Steven says some cats didn’t feel appropriate to invite to the wedding because they’re not that close.

• Jenny looked gorgeous!!

• The Tell All is next week, which is always more exciting than the season finale!


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