The Perfect Present With…Chloe and Halle

The most thoughtful gift-giver is one who is fully attuned to what makes their giftee unique. Are they an animal lover who considers their pets proper children? Is it a label-hoarding friend who loves luxury and a bit of conscious consumption? Are you shopping for someone who only ever asks for gift cards? Knowing all these things will lead you to unearth what is sure to be the perfect present.

To help us answer some of these questions, we’ve called upon Chloe and Halle Bailey, who recently launched their first collaboration with Victoria’s Secret Pink. While both ladies have unique, distinctive styles, they were in agreement on what exactly makes for the perfect gift. Find out exactly what they recommend to help you win gift-giving season.

For a coworker you barely know

There’s no need to overthink this gift. Chloe and Halle both yell, “candles” in tandem. A fancy one is sure not to disappoint.

Loewe Home Scents honeysuckle large scented candle

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Loewe Home Scents small beetroot-scented candle

For a new boyfriend or girlfriend (and you don’t want to go overboard)

“You could give him a nice shirt or a sweater, but no shoes,” says Halle. “Because they say if you give a man shoes, he’s going to walk right out of your life. And don’t give a man a watch because he will waste your time,” Chloe explains.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Sweater, Sweatshirt, Sleeve, and Long Sleeve

Everlane The No-Sweat sweater

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Jacquemus ribbed two-tone merino wool-blend mock-neck sweater

For the in-laws you’re spending the holidays with and need to impress

“Give the mom a designer purse,” Halle suggests before Chloe recommends a fancy liquor for the dad.

Image may contain: Handbag, Accessories, Accessory, Bag, Purse, and Tote Bag

Saint Laurent Manhattan raffia leather shoulder bag

Armand De Brignac Ace Of Spade Champagne

For a high-fashion friend who loves anything with a logo.

Both ladies are in agreement that you could never go wrong with a household name—like Balenciaga, Dior, or Gucci. Halle suggests grabbing something small from either label, such as sunglasses. But Chloe says, “Why small? Go big or go home.”

Image may contain: Sunglasses, Accessories, Accessory, and Glasses

Balenciaga oval sunglasses

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Gucci Geometric G print travel set

For a minimalist friend who believes less is more

“Flowers are always nice,” says Halle, or “You could make them something special.” If you’re not the arts and crafts type, Chloe suggests crystals or a nice crystal candle holder.

Image may contain: Plant, Flower, Blossom, Flower Arrangement, and Flower Bouquet

Skin Gym rose quartz crystal face mask

For a dad who swears all he wants is a handmade card

“That’s our dad,” Chloe and Halle both admit. “Always get him a card, but a little more than a card,” says Halle. “He always swears he wants a card, but he secretly wants something more.”

Holiday Spirit pop-up greeting cards

For a mom who returns everything you give her

“Easy. A gift card,” says Chloe. “Or cash,” Halle adds.

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For a sister who prefers gift cards to wrapped presents

“Get her exactly what she wants: a gift card,” says Halle. “Make her happy,” Chloe adds.

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MasterClass Standard Annual Membership

For a brother who only ever asks for socks

“Get him sneakers to go with those socks,” says Halle before asking, “What would we get Branson?” That’s their little brother, who seems to be quite modest when sharing his wish list. “He won’t ask for much,” says Chloe, “but he deserves so much more.”

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, and Sneaker

Alexander McQueen oversize sneaker

For your old college roommate who just had a baby

“Something for her and the baby,” says Halle. “Also a spa gift card,” Chloe adds.

Burberry Baby’s Montage print cotton blanket

Face Gym gift certificate

For that couple you forgot to give a wedding gift to

“If I forgot to give a couple a wedding gift, then I don’t need to get them a gift anyway,” Chloe says. “If they’re that special, I wouldn’t forget.”

Who would you give pieces of your collection to?

“Our family, mom, godmother…It’s perfect for everyone,” says Halle before Chloe chimes in, “really all of the girls who surround us with love.”

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Pink everyday lounge campus pant