‘The Resident’ Recap: Billie and Conrad’s Wedding Dance in Episode 100

Kit and Bell tied the knot at last during The Resident‘s 100th episode — and it’s possible that another love story began at the reception.

During Tuesday’s milestone hour, Conrad and current girlfriend Cade had planned to attend Kit and Bell’s nuptials together, with Cade feeling particularly excited to be an official part of the Chastain family upon receiving her own invitation to the wedding. But when the medical case of the week prompted Cade to stay at her patient’s bedside instead of attending the wedding, Conrad flew solo, paving the way for Billie to ask him to dance during the reception.

Conrad and Billie’s dance — set to a performance of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” from Bell’s stepson — began innocently enough. He thanked her for taking Gigi dress shopping earlier that day. She insisted it was no trouble. But then Conrad drew Billie closer, and something appeared to shift between them. “What a night, huh?” Conrad whispered to Billie. “Yeah. What a night,” she replied as they swayed.


As series co-creator Amy Holden Jones tells TVLine, that dance is “no doubt a turning point” for Conrad and Billie’s dynamic moving forward — and she suspects Conrad may have been harboring some feelings toward Billie all along.

“I think Conrad has been in denial about his feelings for the first half of the season,” Jones admits. “He truly is attracted to Cade, but that attraction was predicated on his mistaken notion that Billie, as Nic’s best friend, was off limits for him. During the dance, and in moments leading up to this dance, the chemistry between them begins to be undeniable.”

In the wake of that intimate moment, both Billie and Conrad will be aware that “their own emotions and obligations are, at best, confused,” the EP continues. But despite the weight that Tuesday’s dance carried for both characters, it seems a slow burn is still ahead for any potential Billie/Conrad romance.

“Sometimes it takes a little while to realize you can, and must, follow your heart,” Jones hints.

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