The Romantic Greek Island of Eros is a Wedding Destination

The Greek island of Eros, which is located near the larger island of Poros in the Saronic Gulf, has become a popular destination for weddings. Credit: Screenshot from video

The tiny, uninhabited Greek island of Eros has become an international wedding destination.

The tiny islet, aptly named Eros, which refers both to “love” and the god Cupid, is heart-shaped from an aerial perspective, and is uninhabited. The only events that take place there are weddings.

Couples from Greece and around the world visit the island, which is located in the Saronic Gulf near the island of Poros, to get married in paradise.

The island used to be called “Daskalio,” as local legend states that there was a secret underground Greek school on the island during the Ottoman occupation of the country, but the veracity of this legend has been questioned.

During those years, there were only secret schools which would teach the Greek language, and the teaching was done by priests. The books of hymns were like the language book of the first grade, and the Gospels would be the textbooks for older students.

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Greek island Eros has become wedding destination

The island features sandy beaches and pine trees, as well as a small chapel for weddings. The island of Eros gained international fame after it was featured in a Greek tourism campaign in the early 2000s.

Both Greeks and international visitors have fallen in love with the island, and began visiting the idyllic location for weddings and baptisms.

Eros can only be accessed by boat, and those who wish to visit the island of love can arrange a trip at the port of Poros.

The quiet island of Poros is ideal for holidays with the family, and it is a favorite destination for a weekend away amongst Athenians. Combining a stay on Poros with a visit to Eros is a great choice for any vacation or event.

The town of Poros is a vibrant city with interesting Neoclassical architecture. The most remarkable building is the Clock Tower, which dates back to 1927. The tower stands at the highest point of the city and resembles a lighthouse.