The Royal That Inspired Princess Eugenie’s Unique Wedding Dress

Following Princess Eugenie’s wedding, both dresses went on display at Windsor Castle. In an audio guide accompanying the evening dress (via Hello! Magazine), Eugenie explains that she wanted “something reminiscent of Grace Kelly in ‘To Catch A Thief'” — the blush pink evening gown that she wears in a certain scene. “So I showed that for reference and Zac [Posen] came up with this silk that he’d found in Manchester,” she said, adding that “every single draping effect, every single detail, every button, it’s all painstakingly done by him and his team.”

“To Catch A Thief” featured a Grace Kelly pre-royalty, as she would stop acting all together when she married Rainier III in 1956, the Prince of Monaco, per Britannica. Following their marriage, Kelly was known as Princess Grace of Monaco. While Kelly would go on to have some pretty iconic outfits as a member of the royal family in Monaco, her on-screen outfits would forever hold a special place in many people’s hearts — most evidently Princess Eugenie’s.