The Sabyasachi uniform for Bollywood brides

From Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone to Patralekhaa Paul and Katrina Kaif, the choice of the common bridal couturier and styling has not gone unnoticed from their viral wedding photos. Is it a lack of imagination for the ace designer and the stylists?

Fashion lovers comment


Chandni Singh, co-founder of Bangla 123 (a multi-designer store),  believes every celebrity now looks alike. It’s the same colours, same styling, and people ape what they see. Sabyasachi is probably the biggest wedding designer in India at the moment, but all his brides and collections look alike. Are we supporting designers for their brand value or have we become so involved in trends that our ability to be creative is diminishing?” asks Chandini.

Adding that while working with brands one has to seek versatility and creativity, Chandni points out that unfortunately that’s getting harder to source.


“I prefer to look for raw talent from smaller cities rather than big designers. I find the latter’s collections repetitive and boring, and that has even translated into what we see online. At the end of the day, Sabyasachi is a big name and will always sell and people will repeat the same colours and still go back for the same with a slight variation,” she rues.

Malvika K. Singhh, a brand consultant, criticises that while trends are changing, somehow designers churn out the same thing, collection after collection, without much change in their aesthetics. “Unfortunately, we live in an online generation where everyone now looks the same. From the content being posted online to real life, it’s cloned from one account to another,” feels Malvika.


“I am all for fashion being experimental. So I think it’s sad people aren’t willing to try that anymore. Maybe it boils down to lack of likes on Instagram or confidence.”

Meghana Dekhane, lifestyle blogger  feels there was no need for so much publicity for Kat-Vicky wedding. “The hype around Kat’s or other celebrity brides’ lehengas is just not needed. I can’t figure out the ‘designer’ factor about these outfits when similar stuff is available at most wedding stores in my city,” Meghana quips in wonder.


“If an actress picks an unconventional violet or blue lehenga for her wedding or wears a daring black ensemble to cause an outrage, it would make for news. But the same red outfits with some tweaking here and there are becoming too boring.”

Not fair to judge

Tanya Singh, a short film actor speaks about how most girls dream of looking special on their wedding day, putting in special efforts when choosing the trousseau. However, she reminds us that actresses have to go an extra mile while giving strategic thought to their wedding dress for a day the world would be watching them tie the knot.


“As these actresses have already aced bridal looks multiple times before their wedding day, it becomes even tougher for them to zero in on their wedding dress,” she adds. “In this process, they either end up making it over the top or keeping it extremely simple and subtle to avoid correlation or comparison.”

Tanya also points out that at the end of the day it’s also about one’s preference. “We can only judge these celebrities from a distance as we’re not aware of the thoughts behind their choice. It might seem repetitive to onlookers, but as far as the bride feels special in it, the job’s done. It’s not always important to go the met gala way on one’s wedding day; it’s about celebrating the emotions behind the purity of marriage that’s far more special,” adds Tanya.


Apurva Saxena, fashion and lifestyle blogger, points out how earlier, fans eagerly waited to see a celebrity bride, which would then start numerous trends that kept everyone busy for months.

“But that’s not the case anymore. Maybe it has something to do with the fear of getting trolled online when a bride chooses an unconventional dress,” she says.

“I used to love Sabyasachi designs, but now they’ve become so monotonous and boring. All Sabya brides look the same — same colours or prints, same style of blouse, same hairstyle, same smoked eyes, and the same red to nude lips. Honestly, I’ve been waiting to see a fresh collection and something out of the box,” she says.