The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories: Is It Worth Buying?

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories offers players a complete overhaul of the entire wedding system. You’ll be able to plan weddings, purchase flowers, bake a cake and celebrate in all new ways. There’s also a brand-new world, called Tartosa, along with wedding-themed clothing and furniture items.

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The pack’s launch has been marred by issues with Sim’s taking direction, events not working as intended, and other such game-breaking bugs. At the time of writing some aspects of the pack have been fixed, while others are set to be addressed in an upcoming patch. This list aims to offer an overview of the features themselves, assuming that issues are resolved.

We recommend that before purchasing the pack you read up on the latest patch notes and posts in the forums to see how the bug fixes are progressing. These issues relate to wedding specific gameplay and other aspects of the game, including build items and create a sim clothing, are unaffected.

9 The World Of Tartosa

Sims 4 wedding tartosa map view

Tartosa is a brand-new world comprising nine lots over two neighbourhoods. It comes with four pre-built residential houses, one rental house, a wedding venue and of course a lounge. There are also two empty lots, one of which is on the beach. If you search in your library your will also find some alternative wedding venues you can swap out.

There are lots of beautiful places to explore and the Porto Luminoso neighbourhood also contains food stalls, a patisserie, a florist, a town hall and a wedding store facade as well as a beautiful fountain. You’ll even find a maze that looks like the millenium falcon.


8 Editable Wedding Events

Sims 4 weddings plan an event page with wedding ceremony selected

The pack changes the way wedding events work, and they are now a new option on the in-game calendar. Clicking the option to add a new wedding event gives you several options ot choose from and you can then figure out the details.

If you want to change anything then the event remains editable by the Sim that created up until around an hour or so before it begins. This means that those who plan in advance have the flexibility to change as much as they like in the run-up to the big day.

7 New Wedding Activities


There are many new activities in the game now which are related to weddings. You can make speeches and toasts, walk down the aisle and even have an officiant conduct your ceremony. Slow dancing has also returned, as well as some extra group dancing to liven up your reception.

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These fit nicely alongside the dancing, drinking and food serving options we already had and are complimented by cake cutting and bouquet throwing. Overall, the wedding experience is far more fleshed out, as long as everything goes to plan.

6 Wedding Cakes And Bouquets

Sims 4 two cakes in window

There are nine new types of wedding cake that you can create, and each one has several different swatches. This offers a huge range of cake options for every wedding. Cakes can be purchased in Tartosa or made and home through gourmet baking. You can even make some money by setting up a cake store or selling your creations direct to the Patisserie.

Bouquets carry fewer options but as with cake you can buy, craft and sell them. The flower arranging skill is what you require here, or a trip to the stall next to the fountain. After your wedding you can keep or toss your bouquet.

5 Formal Dresses

Sims 4 wedding dom and cam walk down ailse

The pack comes with a huge range of formal dresses. They include a range of bridal dresses as well as feminine suits and even a jumpsuit. These are complimented by formal and informal options suitable for bridesmaids. All options come in a variety of colours.

Aside from some of the more intricate dresses, many are suitable for other formal occasions, allowing you some flexibility for some who attend nice restaurants or are invited to the Starlight Accolades.

4 More Suits


As usual female Sims have more clothing choices, but this pack doesn’t leave the men out. There are some new suits, shirts and waistcoats to make sure your male Sims also adhere to any dress code.

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The suits aren’t all formal, with one option simply being a loose tie and unbuttoned shirt. Again this means they are useful outside of a wedding situation.

3 Building Staples

Sims 4 weddings build and buy

Some of the build and buy items are surprisingly generic, including several new windows and doors. There are also curtains, lights, tables and chairs. For outdoor areas there are new pagodas and fences and gates. These are complimented by some lanterns and other decor items.

All chairs have a plain and decorated option, while items like a bar and dance floor now have more generic designs to them. The dancefloor designs in particular are very welcome for anyone fed up of neon and cardboard.

2 Wedding-Specific Items


Alongside the general items are new wedding arches, decorated chairs, floral arrangements and gameplay items such as a toasting bucket. There are even dividers, bunting and signs denoting table plans and welcomes.

The new options match well together and the variation of wedding arches is particularly welcome with options to suit pretty much every environment. You’re sure to see these used in the new wedding venue type on the gallery.

Sims 4 wedding interior seating

The pack also acknowledges that different cultures celebrate weddings in different ways. As part of this there are several options that offer flexibility for those who want an alternative to the Western norm.

You’ll find muslim and chinese inspired clothing, many options focusing on the colour red and tiny touches like a traditional tea set that allows you to serve others. There are also modest dresses, different veils and flexible events to cater to different desires. When the pack works it works well.

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