‘The sweetest moment of my life’

A toddler had the sweetest reaction to seeing his mom on her wedding day, and the footage is bringing millions of people to tears.

Mom Kristie Mihelich (@k2_01155) almost immediately went viral when she uploaded the touching wedding footage to her Instagram account. Now, the video has been viewed on media outlets around the world.

While we’ve seen many little ones’ wedding day behavior go viral before — like the tiny flower girl who managed to wrap every single groomsman around her little finger — Kristie’s video is being called some of the sweetest wedding footage ever captured.

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Standing proudly beside the tearful groom — his dad, Bobby — 2-year-old Pierson spotted his mom at the end of the aisle and his jaw immediately dropped.

At first, the toddler seemed too awestruck to move, taking only one tiny step toward her. But a moment later, he erupted with a gleeful “Hi Mom!”

The little boy beamed, both hands waving in the air — then, to the shock and delight of the wedding guests, he sprinted down the aisle in unbridled joy.

Viewers could hear the emotional murmurs and sniffles of guests as Kristie bent to embrace her little boy. “The sweetest moment of my life,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

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‘This is what life is about…’

Millions agreed that it was a stunningly touching moment.

“This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding! Congratulations to all of you! What a special memory,” one comment read.

“Nothing could be more perfect than your son and father giving you away. It makes your wedding infinitely more special,” wrote another person.

“This is the sweetest, purest love. Such a beautiful moment for you to treasure,” another viewer commented.

“The gasp when your son sees you, and then that genuine, loving reaction by your groom as he watches your son, are priceless. What a beautiful way to begin your marriage! The three of you have hit the jackpot,” commented another viewer.

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“Couldn’t have been better if it was planned!” wrote another person.

“The pure innocence and joy in your son’s face as he saw you, then ran to you, is wonderful. I’m so happy you experienced that,” one comment read.

“OMG! What a treasured moment. This is what life is about. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. What a moment of love,” shared another viewer.

Thankfully, this priceless moment was captured on film so that the Mihelich family can treasure it for many years to come.

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