The Ultimate List of Wedding Cake Topper Right Here!

We love any wedding detail that introduces personality to a couple’s wedding day, and a fabulous cake topper can be quite the conversation starter. With all eyes on your confectionary creation, why not give your wedding cake the crown it deserves with a stylish or fun topper? From laser-cut quotes, photos, and customised figures, we bring you some picture-perfect wedding cake topper ideas below.

Simple & Elegant Cake Toppers

  • Your new married surname in a laser or wooden cutout
  • Mr/s & Mr/s wooden cutout
  • The initial(s) of your married surname

Cake Toppers That Tell Your Love Story

  • Family figurines
  • Sweet sayings that are personal to you
  • Polaroid pictures

Cake Toppers for the Animal Lovers

  • Animal cut-outs in wood or laser
  • Animal figures
  • Vintage ornaments of your favourite animals
  • Mini cuddly toy on a wooden slice

Cake Toppers Ideas For Music Lovers

  • Mini vinyl record made from icing or acrylic
  • Personal lyrics in wooden or laser cutout
  • Instrument that you play

Cake Topper Ideas for the Movie Fans

  • Fairytale figures
  • Superheros such as DC and Marvel
  • Disney castle for the ultimate fans
  • Famous love quotes from the movies
  • Lego figures (build your own here!)

Cake Topper Ideas Based on your Theme

  • Mini bunting
  • Pampas grass and macrame dream catchers
  • Celestial moons and stars

Cake Topper Ideas Based on Hobbies

  • Tractors or cars for farming/racing fanatics
  • Mini tents and signage for camping lovers.
  • Sports theme – equipment (for example golf clubs) or goal posts
  • Open books for the bookworms
  • Planes, a globe, flags, or adventure-themed quotes for travel lovers

Modern Cake Topper Ideas

  • Acrylic Cake Topper
  • LED Cake Topper
  • Neon Sign Cake Topper
  • Wire figures

Vintage-style Cake Topper Ideas

  • Traditional couple figures
  • Jewellery box

Where to Buy Cake Toppers


To find the right baker to make your own dream cake, check out our recommended wedding cake designers. For more inspiration see our fabulous cake posts here!