“The Wedding Veil Legacy”– Will Alison Sweeney Finally Be a Hallmark Bride?

Hallmark Channel’s enchanting The Wedding Veil trilogy concludes this weekend when Tracy (Alison Sweeney), the biggest skeptic of the veil’s mystical match-making powers, is provided the opportunity of finding true love in The Wedding Veil Legacy. In the first two installments, both of Tracy’s dearest friends, Avery (Lacey Chabert) and Emma (Autumn Reeser), walked down the aisle as the legend of the magical veil came to fruition and united them with their soulmates. Finding love on a Hallmark project is not new for Sweeney, but she somehow has never been a bride in a Hallmark movie. However, the precedent set by her co-stars — the prospect of finally donning a bridal gown on screen — didn’t factor into her accepting the role. (No spoilers here; Sweeney is veiling her character’s fate in secrecy.) “I was just so thrilled to work with Lacey and Autumn,” she said during an exclusive interview with MediaVillage. “I would have said yes either way to this. I wasn’t saying yes to the dress, or the possibility of one.”