Themes for Spring Weddings – Williamson Source

After Valentine’s Day and Christmas, there are a lot of newly engaged couples who are ready to plan their wedding. Whether you want a quick turnaround time and plan to get married this spring or are planning ahead to next spring, there are plenty of themes to choose from for your special day.

The Barn at Spring Lake Farms has plenty of ideas for spring wedding themes for you to choose from to make your special day perfect for you and your partner.

Floral Beauty

After a dreary winter, spring is all about color, and flowers are a great way to bring that to your wedding. With all sorts of flowers beginning to bloom, you can showcase a range of flowers throughout the decor in your wedding colors to really tie together your special day with the season.

You can also incorporate the growth of flowers as a representation of the growth of your love for each other. Give seeds and flowerpots as your wedding favors as the season is the perfect time for them to grow.

Old is New

As many short-lived fads have passed, traditional weddings are starting to make a comeback. Some timeless aspects are pressed invitations, black tie dress code, and figurines on top of the cake. The classic white color scheme will never go out of style and you will look back on your wedding with fond memories, not cringing at your choice of decor.

Embrace Your Personality

If traditional weddings are not the ideal option for you, you can showcase more of who you are at the wedding by embracing things you like best. Don’t necessarily play into what’s popular but do research and figure out what you like! You can add in lots of colors like bright greens and yellows, pick a unique theme like disco, or choose some fun decor like a balloon arch to really make your wedding standout in your own unique way.

You can also show yourself in the food you choose. Pick some of your favorite foods to serve or food that means something to your relationship, even if they’re not traditional wedding foods. If your favorite food is pasta, try a mac and cheese bar where everyone can add in their favorite toppings. If you and your special someone met at a baseball game, you can serve hot dogs if you want to! Your wedding is all about you and your partner so make it what you want it to be.

The Barn at Spring Lake Farms

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