Things I Learned When Trying on Wedding Dresses, Not Getting Married

The first dress I tried — a strapless, sparkly gown with detachable sleeves — was glamorous, but it didn’t fit me properly.

Mikhaila trying on the Lucera dress with detachable sleeves.

Mikhaila Friel/Insider

The first dress that caught my eye was the Lucera dress by Eleganza Iconica, and it cost £3,699, or around $4,400, Angela told me. The skirt had multiple layers of sparkle and tulle, and I loved how flowy it was as I’d never been a fan of dresses that cling to my body.

The dress comes with detachable sleeves, and when I tried them on they were too long for my arms. Angela said this is common and that most brides will have to get their dresses altered.

However, she said this isn’t included in the price of the dress, and there’s a separate alteration business in the same building where prices usually start at around £150, or around $180, depending on how much you need altered.

I was surprised to learn that some brides have to pay extra for this, considering how much money they may have already paid for the dress.