This 4-Tiered Hot Dog Wedding Cake Really Happened

Most brides and grooms don’t want surprises at their weddings. The day is typically choreographed so that everything goes off without a hitch. But for Kasey Bailey and her soon-to-be husband, Mike, a massive surprise savory wedding cake from Hillshire Farm made their day.

Kasey and her fiancé are from a city 30 minutes outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and are big fans of the Hillshire Farm Lit’l Smokies, having celebrated some of their special occasions with the treat. Of course, they included the little cocktail franks as an appetizer at their wedding. Ahead of the big day, Kasey wrote to the company expressing her love for the snack. Little did they know that the simple note would result in a big surprise for the couple.

Hillshire Farm was so moved by the story that they delivered a four-tiered wedding cake made up of Lit’l Smokies. Check out some more awesome photos of their reception surprise.

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The cake stood over 18-inches high and took 16 hours to make and assemble, with another 10 hours or so of research and development, according to Hillshire Farm. To make the massive cake they partnered with local pastry chef Niki Stricker of The Pie wHole. The bride’s wedding theme centered around sunflowers, a detail not lost on the Hillshire Farm folks, who integrated them into their well-thought-out design.

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eating cake savory wedding cake

The couple cut the cake and fed each other bites of the treat honoring old-fashioned wedding traditions.

couple savory wedding cake

“I never expected Hillshire Farm brand to gift us an amazing Lit’l Smokies Sausage Cocktail Cake! It made the day even more memorable for us…and tasty for our guests,” said Kasey.

note savory wedding cake

Hillshire Farm had the “cake” delivered with a note and another surprise: a year’s supply of Lit’l Smokies. They had never created anything like it before, and the brand hopes this huge display of thanks inspires others looking for a unique way to celebrate.

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