This Guy Expects His Fiancée To Show Him The Wedding Dress She Bought, So That He Can Make Sure It Won’t Leave Him Feeling “Uncomfortable” At Their Wedding

A man is getting married soon, and his fiancée recently went shopping for her wedding dress. His fiancée actually did find a dress that she fell in love with, but he has concerns.

He expects his fiancée to let him see photos of the dress that she chose, but she doesn’t want to do that at all.

As you know, a groom isn’t supposed to see a bride’s wedding dress until she comes walking down the aisle, but this man says that’s not the reason why his fiancée is declining to show him the dress.

Meanwhile, he thinks he has every right to pre-approve her wedding dress, and he thinks it’s no different than picking out the cake, or the flowers, or the songs for the DJ.

He is starting to think that his fiancée won’t let him see the dress she picked because he is going to hate it.

“For full disclosure, I am a little more conservative on some dressing choices than her, so something that is too extravagant would likely not be of my taste,” he explained.

“Even if she indeed only wants to surprise me, I don’t understand why she would insist on it despite me explicitly saying I do not want to be surprised in that way on that day.”

He completely respects the fact that your outfit is a personal choice, even on your wedding day, but his fiancée has already made suggestions to him about what he should look like on their special day, and he just wants reciprocity here.

“I understand the dress choice is personal and I’d like to be respectful of her choices,” he said.

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