This Is Where Runaway Bride Was Actually Filmed

In 1998, the real-life Maryland town of Berlin was utilized by cast and crew for production of “Runaway Bride.” Located approximately 15 minutes from the popular Ocean City, Berlin instantly won the heart of director Garry Marshall when he came for a tour (via The Dispatch).

Several area spots were transformed for “Runaway Bride,” including the shop Victorian Charm, which was revamped to serve as a wedding dress boutique. Though owner Steve Frene’s place of business was shut down for three weeks (workers were given compensation by Paramount) and got a complete overall, he had no qualms. “One cabinet and one chandelier were all they kept,” said Frene. “We felt that was more than fair because Victorian Charm lives on forever in a great movie.”

As for Maggie’s home, local mother Mary Beth Lampman permitted Paramount to use her Baker Street residence, which she vacated for six weeks. Though having a large production company in town came with some obstacles, such as closed streets and blinding spotlights, the pros outweighed the cons.

According to Mayor Gee Williams, “I believe the filming and subsequent success of ‘Runaway Bride’ was significant in validating and encouraging the continued historic revitalization of downtown Berlin.”

Over two decades later, Berlin continues to be associated with “Runaway Bride.” In fact, for the 20th anniversary in 2019, it hosted a slew of movie-related events and activities to celebrate (via Ocean City Visitors Guide).