This Is Why Kathie Lee Gifford’s Daughter Cassidy Had Two Weddings

After Cassidy Gifford’s ceremony last year, the bride’s manager told People, “Ben [Wierda] and Cassidy got married in an intimate setting in his backyard in Michigan….They’re planning on having a big celebration when it’s safe to do so in the future.” That future was last weekend.

Kathie Lee Gifford opened up about Cassidy’s second wedding in Nashville, telling People, “It’s a great party town, I tell you… We had about 180 guests. Still smaller than it was going to be. A lot of people are still worried about mingling, of course, during COVID.” The original ceremony had 18 guests — so this was still a much bigger celebration that the first one.

Kathie Lee couldn’t help but gush about the larger event. “She’s never worn her wedding dress until now, or had her big party with the band and all that fun stuff,” she said, noting that Cassidy “did the works this time.” After the “four-day bash,” Kathie Lee joked, “Momma is tired.”

As for her son Cody, he also had a second wedding; he and Erika Brown held the festivities Connecticut in September. “We saw people we haven’t seen in almost two years now because of COVID … It’s just wonderful to see people you love,” Kathie Lee revealed.