This Ukrainian Bride Saved Her Wedding Gift In Escape To India

Anna Horodetska’s move even surprised her husband Anubhav Bhasin, a lawyer in New Delhi.

As bombs and missiles rained down on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, many made their way out carrying essentials items. But a woman decided to pick her brand new coffee machine over expensive make-up and other belongings while leaving the war-hit zone. 

Anna Horodetska, 30, chose to carry a few T-shirts and the coffee machine for just one simple reason – it was a wedding gift from her grandmother, reported the BBC. 

Ms Horodetska’s move even surprised her husband-to-be Anubhav Bhasin, a lawyer in New Delhi.  “Anna is a trained make-up artist but she left behind her really expensive make-up to bring this coffee machine here. I think this machine is the real hero of our love story,” Mr Bhasin was quoted as saying.

The two met for the first time in 2019 when Ms Horodetska had come to India on a solo trip. She even stayed with Mr Bhasin’s family in the national capital during the lockdown. 

This time, when she arrived at Delhi airport, Mr Bhasin went down on one knee to propose to his lady love. When she said yes, out came a ring with a cacophony of drums, friends and strangers cheering them on. 

On Sunday, the couple got married in an intimate ceremony. Mr Bhasin shared a picture from their wedding album on Instagram and wrote, “Our journey has been a crazy one since the day we met, but together we have crossed every hurdle and every problem that came our way. I am excited to start this new life with you baby. Welcome home.”

Ms Horodetska still plans to return to Kyiv “to wrap up things and pick up my dog”.