This wedding dress is made from 1,500 discarded face masks

Wedding dress made of 1500 face masks | Image: David Parry&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Designer Tom Silverwood made the wedding gown with 1500 white face masks
  • The wedding gown was unveiled to celebrate ‘freedom day’
  • The dress also aimed to highlight the issue of disposal of waste generated due to the pandemic

Face masks and hand sanitisers have become a common sight amid the pandemic. The number of face masks discarded increases every day. A designer in the UK has made a wedding gown using the discarded face masks.

The wedding dress is made out of 1,500 white face masks. Designer Tom Silverwood made the gown with funding from the wedding planner website ‘Hitched’.

Model Jemima Hambro did a photoshoot wearing the lovely white wedding gown near St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

The dress also aimed to highlight the waste that disposable plastic PPE has on the environment.

wedding dress made of face masks
(Image: David Parry)

Hitched claimed that 100 million disposable masks are thrown away in the UK every week.

The wedding gown was unveiled to celebrate ‘freedom day’ – the end of Covid restrictions placed on weddings in England.

Sarah Allard, the editor of Hitched, said, “We’re overjoyed that weddings will be returning in England without legal restrictions from today. With thousands of weddings set to take place this summer, couples can now look forward to dancefloors reopening, standing drinks receptions and photographs full of smiling faces with PPE restrictions lifting.”

“However, we cannot ignore the waste problem that has been created as a result of the pandemic, and now that the guidance on masks at weddings has finally changed we wanted to create a garment that not only symbolized how far we’ve come both as a united industry and as a nation, but also puts those unused masks to good use,” she added.

Allard further said, “While masks are no longer a legal requirement, we recommend couples, guests and suppliers exercise judgement on the wedding day, but we cannot wait to see dancing, hugging and joyful reunions once more.”