TikToker Accidentally Captures Her Horrified Reaction to Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding

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Game of Thrones still has the power to shock even all these years later.

Catelyn Stark becomes Lady Stoneheart following the events of the red wedding (Game of Thrones)

Start with offing Sean Bean’s Ned Stark, and the only place to go for a series like Game of Thrones is up in terms of creating escalating shocks that make watercooler moments for the then-must see series on television. Game of Thrones managed that with the Red Wedding, another escalation in the violence that plagued Westeros after the death of King Robert Baratheon and during the war of the Five Kingdoms.

A TikTok user by the name of mschicken proved that moniker wrong as she watched all of the most horrifying wedding to ever take place in Westeros, a land that’s seen more than its fair share of awful relationships and terrible weddings.


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Game of Thrones wasn’t afraid to go for the throat with its attempts to shock fans, beginning with offing Ned Stark at the end of the first season. It was only topped when the show got to the Red Wedding from the novels themselves, a scene not named the Red Wedding because of the color of the bride’s dress…or at least her dress wasn’t red to start off with. It’s the gory ending of Robb Stark (Richard Madden), the former King of the North, and the soon-to-be head-on-a-pike along with his new wife, his mother, and every member of his wedding party that followed him to the Twins where Walder Frey (David Bradley) holds sway over a fortress straddling a key bridge in Westeros.

The woman in the video, finishing off something green she knit for her boyfriend, though it’s hard to tell exactly what as it could be anything from a tea cozy to a Shrek hat, drops what she’s doing as the infamous Red Wedding in Game of Thrones enters its reddest, wettest phase. As the action ramps up she covers her mouth and gasps, her quaint little video made to show off what she was giving her beau as a present giving way to her horrified eyes opening wider and wider as the violence intensifies. Game of Thrones was never the type of show that could just run in the background to begin with, and scenes like the Red Wedding show why.

As the scene goes on, captions appear in the video such as “Like what the actual” and “literally f shaking for fictional characters.” She drops one hand, her breath coming in sharp little gulps as if she’s stumbled onto the “Two Girls, One Cup” of Game of Thrones scenes. She turns to the camera and makes a face like Kevin McCallister after he shaves in Home Alone before turning off the video she’s watching and having a breakdown in front of the camera. It goes to show how powerful art can be, especially when the audience is least expecting it, and in this case, mschicken certainly wasn’t as it made her drop her knitting to stare in horror. George R.R. Martin might be pleased to know how much of a punch Game of Thrones still packs all these years later.

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Source: mschicken/TikTok