TikToker Realizes Mom’s 90s Wedding Dress Matches Bella Hadid Outfit

We all know the feeling of stumbling upon an old piece of clothing that we thought was outdated, only to realize it’s back in style. It’s like a blast from the past, but with a modern twist. That’s exactly what happened to TikToker, Sarah Magpayo, after she discovered that her mother’s 90s wedding dress matched the outfit worn by supermodel Bella Hadid.

It all started when Sarah was going through her mother’s old clothes and came across the wedding dress. She decided to try it on and make a TikTok video about it, not expecting much of a reaction. To her surprise, the video went viral, with more than 13 million views and over 2.2 million likes. People were impressed by the dress and how well it still looked after all these years.

But that wasn’t the end of it. A few weeks later, Bella Hadid posted a series of photos on her Instagram, wearing an outfit that looked eerily similar to Sarah’s mother’s wedding dress. The dress was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and featured a corset top and a flowing skirt with a long train. Bella paired the dress with fingerless gloves and a black leather jacket, giving it a more modern and edgy look.

Sarah couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the photos. She immediately made another TikTok video, comparing her mother’s dress to Bella’s outfit, and the similarities were uncanny. From the corset top to the flowing skirt, the two dresses were practically the same.

The video quickly went viral, with more than 3.3 million views and over 700,000 likes. People were amazed by how a 90s wedding dress could look so modern and stylish, especially when worn by a supermodel like Bella Hadid.

But what is it about this dress that makes it so timeless? Is it the design or the materials used? To find out, we need to go back to the 90s, when the dress was first created.

The 90s were a time of grunge and minimalism, but also a time when fashion was taking risks and pushing boundaries. Jean Paul Gaultier, a French designer known for his avant-garde creations, was at the forefront of this movement. He was known for his use of corsets, bustiers, and other figure-hugging garments that emphasized the female form.

The dress that Sarah’s mother wore on her wedding day was a perfect example of Gaultier’s signature style. It featured a corset top that cinched at the waist, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure. The skirt was made of silk and flowed elegantly as the bride walked down the aisle. The train added a touch of drama and romance to the dress, making it perfect for a wedding.

But what makes this dress so relevant today is its versatility. The corset top and flowing skirt are not only flattering but also easy to wear in different ways. Bella Hadid’s outfit is a perfect example of this. She paired the dress with fingerless gloves and a leather jacket, giving it an edgy and modern twist. The same dress could be worn with a simple pair of heels and a clutch, for a more classic and elegant look.

What this dress proves is that fashion never really goes out of style. It may evolve and change, but the basic principles remain the same. The way we wear clothes and combine them with other items is what makes them unique and contemporary.

Sarah’s discovery of her mother’s wedding dress matching Bella Hadid’s outfit is a perfect example of this. It shows how a dress that was designed in the 90s can still look modern and stylish today. It’s a testament to the talent of designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, who create pieces that withstand the test of time.

In conclusion, the story of Sarah’s TikTok video and Bella Hadid’s outfit is a reminder that fashion is always evolving, but certain pieces remain timeless. It’s also a testament to the power of social media in shaping our perceptions of fashion and style. Who knows what other hidden gems are lurking in our closets, waiting to be discovered and made modern again? The possibilities are endless, and that’s what makes fashion so exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions about TikToker Realizes Mom’s 90s Wedding Dress Matches Bella Hadid Outfit

1. Who is the TikToker who realized her mom’s wedding dress matches Bella Hadid’s outfit?
– The TikToker’s name is Shani Gohar.

2. When did Shani Gohar first notice the resemblance between her mom’s wedding dress and Bella Hadid’s outfit?
– She first noticed the resemblance when she was watching a Versace runway show.

3. What type of wedding dress did Shani Gohar’s mom wear?
– Her mom’s dress was a vintage 90s silk gown with a lace bodice and a long train.

4. Which event did Bella Hadid wear the outfit that resembled Shani Gohar’s mom’s wedding dress?
– Bella Hadid wore the outfit at the 2019 Met Gala.

5. What was the reaction of viewers towards Shani Gohar’s TikTok video about her mom’s wedding dress?
– Many viewers were amazed by the resemblance between the two outfits and praised Shani for bringing attention to her mom’s beautiful dress.

Common Misconceptions about TikToker Realizes Mom’s 90s Wedding Dress Matches Bella Hadid Outfit

1. The TikToker intentionally copied Bella Hadid’s outfit: Many people assume that the TikToker saw Bella Hadid’s outfit beforehand and decided to copy it. However, the TikToker simply stumbled upon the coincidence while trying on her mom’s dress.

2. The TikToker’s mom purposely bought a dress to match Bella Hadid’s outfit: Some viewers may think that the TikToker’s mom bought the dress specifically to match Bella Hadid’s outfit. However, the dress was from her 90s wedding, long before Bella Hadid was even born.

3. The TikToker is trying to compete with Bella Hadid: Some people may see the coincidence as a way for the TikToker to try to compete with Bella Hadid. However, the TikToker has stated that she was simply surprised by the coincidence and wanted to share it with her followers.

4. The TikToker’s outfit is not original: Some may argue that the TikToker’s outfit is not original because it matches Bella Hadid’s. However, both outfits were created independently and coincidentally matched each other. The TikToker still put her own spin on the outfit by adding accessories and styling her hair differently.

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