TikToker shares ‘what not to do’ on a wedding RSVP card: ‘The audacity of folks’

Toronto-based TikToker Melissa Baum discusses all things wedding-related. She recently went viral with 1.2 million views when she gave her followers a look at an RSVP card she had received for her wedding. The wedding guest who filled out the card may have taken a few unconventional liberties. “What not to do on your RSVP card,” Baum said in the video. The card only had room for the guests’ names, a place for them to accept or decline the invitation, and a line to indicate whether they were vegetarian or not. For the vegetarian question, each respondent was supposed to simply check a box, but this card had some rather extensive notes. “No iceberg lettuce, no nuts or beans, dislike red pepper, not spicy, dressing on side with salad” and finally “sensitive to garlic” were scribbled in blue ink on the RSVP card. “It’s just one meal, for God’s sake,” Baum wrote in the caption. Other users found the additional notes to be obnoxious as well. “The audacity of folks to demand what YOU serve at your wedding,” a person wrote