Time to rework wedding guest list! To-be-wed couples elated

The shaadi season, this autumn/winter, has for sure begun on a positive note with the announcement of 200 guests allowed to attend weddings in Delhi. As compared to the earlier rule of 100 guests per wedding, due to the Covid-19 situation, this increased numbers of guests is allowing Delhiites to host weddings, dil khol ke!

The number of Covid positive cases in the Capital, are at an all time low, and this is making many couples — who have planned their weddings in the coming days — feel excited to be able to expand their guest lists. Take for instance Delhi-based banker Amit Jain, who is getting married on November 15, and shares that the minute his family heard the news, they immediately added names of more relatives and friends who couldn’t be part of the previous guest list. “This is great news because now we aren’t worried about some of the relatives or friends feeling bad because we weren’t able to invite them… We originally had a guest list of 100 people, to comply with the Covid-19 norms. But, as soon as the new announcement came on Friday, we increased our invitees to 150-170. My wedding venue continues to be the same, though we’ve informed our caterer to increase the number of plates.”

“This is such good news! My clients who have weddings this month are so happy,” says Sumathy Bachchan, a Delhi-based wedding planner, adding, “That whole dilemma and subsequent fight on whom to invite, has been sorted, finally! And I feel two hundred is a decent number of people to invite… This is such a great start to the wedding season, and here’s looking forward to a brighter season ahead.”

Bride-to-be Shikha Sharma, a visa officer based in Shakti Nagar, shares how she’s looking forward to invite her extended family, at wedding scheduled soon. “There’s not enough time to rework the whole guest list, but we’ll for sure increase the number of guests we are inviting. Earlier we weren’t able to call my sister’s in law’s; it felt so bad but then what to do, rules are rules. I wish these guidelines had come sooner because now it’s going to be quite a hassle to rework details like the venue, catering, seating arrangement, and gifts at the last minute,” opines Sharma.

Unlike Sharma, some people aren’t in the mood to alter arrangements at last minute. “My son’s wedding is on November 21, and we’ve already started inviting people. We had initially decided to call 100 people — 50 from our side and 50 from the girl’s side — and we are sticking to the original plan. Important ye nahi hai ki kitne guestss allowed hain, important ye hai ki ab third wave nahi aani chahiye. Toh chahe jitne bhi number badh jayein, we will stick to inviting not more than 100 guests,” says Sushma Arora, a homemaker from Shalimar Bagh.

And Ankush Malhotra, a banker from Vasant Kunj says that, shares how for his brother’s wedding his family will soon sit down to reowork the guest list. “We have a large family and were feeling bad that we couldn’t accommodate everyone initially. In fact, those we had invited, we told them to come with only one member of their family. Bura toh laga tha kehne mein… but now we have an option to upgrade all that. Thankfully everyone understands the situation, and you cannot keep everyone happy!” he says.

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