TV tonight: Succession’s bloodbath makes the Red Wedding look like a gentle picnic | Television


9pm, Sky Atlantic

Game of Thrones dined out on its bloody battle episodes and, after some truly rancorous buildup, the Waystar Royco AGM should serve up a similarly brutal mass spectacle. Will an out-of-sorts Logan (Brian Cox) care to finesse concerned shareholders? Or will rival Sandy Furness (Larry Pine) and his daughter Sandi (Hope Davis) – who are now the major shareholders – take control of the boardroom? Ultimately, can the whole Roy clan put the infighting aside long enough to keep it in the family? Graeme Virtue

Dispatches: Did Brexit Work for Businesses?

8.30pm, Channel 4

In short: not hugely. Certainly, as tonight’s investigation reveals, there’s been a distinct absence of sunlit uplandery, with many of the UK’s small import and export businesses struggling in the face of increased costs, new tariffs and ever-diminishing profits. As Dispatches reporter Harry Wallop asks, have we really “taken back control”? Ali Catterall

The Outlaws

9pm, BBC One

Christopher Walken as Frank in The Outlaws. Photograph: Sam Taylor/BBC/Big Talk/Four Eyes

There’s a lot happening in Stephen Merchant’s busy crime/comedy/drama. Tonight’s episode flashes back to Frank’s (Christopher Walken) glory days in the 80s. In the present day, he’s still hiding that stash of cash in the attic but the police are sniffing around. Elsewhere, Christian (Gamba Cole) fails to keep his sister out of trouble. Hollie Richardson

Diana: Queen of Style

10pm, Channel 4

The enduring fascination with Diana, Princess of Wales continues, this time by marking 40 years since she walked down the aisle in the world’s most famous wedding dress. This film sartorially satisfies with much archive of her many outfits (yes, including the Revenge Dress) and contributions by designers such as Elizabeth Emanuel and Jacques Azagury. HR

Dexter: New Blood

10.05pm, Sky Atlantic

After a somewhat methodical start, the snowy revival of the serial killer drama accelerates into pleasantly familiar territory: Dexter, playing the role of an earnest civilian, pretends to help the police track a murderer who is, in fact, him. It’s still not clear why we need the show back, but at least it has returned to full form. Jack Seale

Witch Hunt

12.10am, Channel 4

At a law firm where slick-haired, besuited men go swinging their – ahem, egos – around, Ida Waage is the ace CFO that every finance team should have. But what happens when an invoice for €450,000 lands on her desk? When Ida’s colleague threatens her, it’s clear something is afoot. This Norwegian drama will be available to binge on All 4 after tonight’s debut. HR

Live sport

World Cup football: San Marino v England 7pm, ITV. Group I qualifier at San Marino Stadium.

World Cup qualifiers: Scotland v Denmark 7pm, Sky Sports Main Event. Group F match at Hampden Park.