Twilight: Bella’s 10 Best Outfits

Twilight’s Bella Swan is generally known for her laid-back, girl next door kind of style. But in the movies, she ends up having a few really strong looks that reflected trends of the time. Since her style was very cohesive and shared a similar color palette, it was easy to appreciate it.

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Now that Twilight fashion and Elena Gilbert-core have come back into style on social media platforms like TikTok, viewers appreciate Bella’s outfits even more. Bella has a few looks that manage to stand out amongst the rest.

Birthday Dress

Carlisle Cullen and Bella Swan in Twilight New Moon

In New Moon, viewers see one of Bella’s rare dresses, and it’s a very cute one. The dress is green with black flowers that cascade down. It has a delicate bit of lace at the top, and a nice thin black belt that cinches her in at the waist. She adds a little short-sleeve cardigan, an item that was super popular at the time and seems to be coming back in style.


The outfit is very beautiful, though of course, Bella doesn’t go too feminine, as she adds some Converse-esque shoes to complete the girl next door look. It results in a pretty yet still casual outfit.

Green Bowling Shirt

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen sit in a Lab

This is the outfit that Bella wears when she first meets Edward, and it is definitely an iconic moment for the best couple in the saga. The green bowling shirt, which is loose and buttoned all the way up, is worn over a long-sleeve gray top and some dark jeans.

A bowling shirt is vintage, classic, and tomboyish. The whole look is quite casual, but that makes it perfect for school, and it matches Bella’s personality very well, which is how a person would want to dress when they’re meeting their soulmate. Bella is also wearing a simple hairband, which makes the look very her overall.

Prom Dress

Edward, Charlie, and Bella in Twilight

Bella’s prom dress is definitely a highlight of her outfits. The halter dress’ color is an almost cobalt blue that works well with her complexion. It is low-cut and has a ruffled skirt that makes it perfect for dancing in. Bella accessorizes the dress with simple jewelry and a cream embroidered cardigan, which makes the outfit very elegant.

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While she has one leg in a brace, the other leg wears a Converse sneaker, which keeps in line with her personal style. After coming out of the hospital, comfort is definitely important to Bella, hence the Capri leggings underneath the dress, which was very trendy at the time.

Final Battle Outfit

Bella and Edward kneel on snow

When the Cullens are battling the Volturi in Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Bella may not be the highest-ranked in fighting ability, but she certainly looks cool. Heeled boots probably don’t work super well in the snow, even if they are combat boots, but they match the rest of Bella’s all-black outfit.

A leather jacket is a classic wardrobe staple, which Bella zips up all the way for a mature yet tough look. Black stretchy skinny jeans were a major clothing item back in 2012, and they suit her speedy vampire self perfectly.

Big Plaid Jacket

When learning how to ride a motorcycle with Jacob in New Moon, Bella wears an oversized green plaid jacket with some mid-wash jeans. The green jacket goes well with the jeans. The plaid also has some black in it, which matches the black hood of the jacket, and her white shirt underneath matches the white parts of the plaid.

Bella clearly wants to look good for the Edward apparitions that appear, despite what she is doing being one of the cringiest moments for her and Edward. Overall, the outfit is casual but cute, and still manages to look good when she crashes the motorbike and slams into a rock.

Purple Plaid Shirt

Edward and Bella in the meadow

Bella wears a lot of purple during all five films, and a lot of plaid shirts as well. This culminates in Eclipse, when she wears a purple plaid shirt, paired with a white tank top and blue jeans. It’s simple and effortless, and the colors look great on her pale skin and dark hair.

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The shirt also works well with the scene, as she and Edward are sitting in a field of flowers, and Bella blends into her surroundings beautifully. The shirt also matches Edward’s blue and grey t-shirt. Overall, the colors on the screen all merge together amazingly, creating a very visually pleasing scene.

Wedding Dress

A wedding dress will always be a show-stopping outfit, and Bella’s is no exception. The cut of the dress is classic, as it has long sleeves and a long sleek fit. The dress is made more vibrant by the details. There is the occasional patchwork and lace moment, particularly on the back, which has an open cutout surrounded by lace and buttons. The sleeves also have buttons, which match Bella’s silver rings beautifully.

Bella’s hair is styled in a low bun, and she has a crystal hair brooch that falls into a veil. For one of the highest-ranked romances in the Twilight saga, this dress is a great choice for their wedding.

Peasant Top

Mike Bella and Jacob at the movies

Peasant tops are a big part of Twilight fashion. The one that Bella wears when she goes to the movies in New Moon is a cream color with pretty blue embroidery all over. The sleeves are slightly puffed and have some ruching that gives it a great bohemian feel.

She pairs the look with dark jeans and sneakers, which keeps the more dainty top in accordance with her down-to-earth style. In what is considered a pretty cringy moment between Bella and Jacob, at least she looks good.

Flannel Over Long-Sleeved Top

Bella Swan stands next to her truck

Bella wears the combination of a long-sleeved top and a plaid shirt a lot throughout the franchise, but this version is one of her best. When washing her car in Twilight, she wears a red, blue, and cream oversized flannel over a baby blue long-sleeved top.

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It’s perfect for a hard task like washing a truck, but it still manages to look cute with the color combination. She once again pairs the look with dark wash jeans, a classic closet staple. Furthermore, she has her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She doesn’t do this hairstyle very often, so it’s a nice change of pace for her.

Blue Dress

Bella Swan after becoming a vampire in Twilight

One of Bella’s first outfits as a vampire is a great one. It is a deep blue dress with a sweetheart neckline. The color and silhouette work really well on her, but what makes this dress extra special is the high slit on one of the legs. This allows Bella to move around easily while hunting in the woods, though the lack of shoes might not be very practical.

The dress is quite racy for Bella’s usual style, and she doesn’t usually wear dresses, so it clearly shows how she’s changed after getting the bite. Costuming is meant to visualize character changes within movies, so this dress does that fantastically.

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