Two Brides Destroyed Their Wedding Dresses During Beach Photo Shoot

After knowing each other for just two weeks, English told Zlogar that she intended to marry her.

English told Insider she knew from the first night she met Zlogar that they were going to be married.

Bree Hulan

English said she knew it was too soon, but she wanted Zlogar to know where she stood. 

English then joined the Coast Guard both as a way to pursue a career as a law enforcement officer working with victims of human trafficking and to stay close to her future wife. 

“I told her, ‘I’ll wait for as long as it takes, and I’ll do whatever else to convince you that I’m totally all in and I’m here for it.’ And she thought I was crazy, but two years later, we were still together,” English said.

She added: “She’s just incredible. She’s taught me so much about life and hard work, and friendships. That first night, I thought the way her friends acted around her was so special. I could tell that they just loved her so much.”

Two years after they started dating, the couple moved to North Carolina. On January 1, 2020, they went for a picnic on the beach in Emerald Isle to celebrate the new year and that’s when Zlogar proposed to English. 

“It was amazing and beautiful, but then the pandemic hit,” English said.