“Two Levels Of Wedding Guests”: Bride And Groom Make Their Guests Uncomfortable By Serving Them Different Dinners

A recent wedding has been making headlines on Reddit for a unique and controversial reason. The groom’s parents refused to pay for guests invited by the bride, making the couple serve different meals to their invitees and causing quite a bit of discomfort at the venue.

One of the people who witnessed the whole ordeal, Redditor Pistalrose, described how it all went down to the platform’s community ‘Wedding Drama‘ and their post is a testament to the challenges that can arise when families are forced into an alliance.

A lot can go wrong during a wedding

Image source: ILev4us (not the actual photo)

But this one was torn apart by financial tensions between the parents of the groom and bride

Image source: moniquewray (not the actual photo)

Image source: Pistalrose

People had a lot to say about this strange situation