Tying the Knot? These Are the 20 Most Popular Wedding Trends of 2022—From Colors to Themes

Calling all brides, grooms and bridal parties! It’s a banner year for weddings with a record number—2.5 million!—happening in 2022 for the first time since 1984. With so many couples getting hitched two years after the wedding industry initially took a hit thanks to the pandemic, there’s more interest than ever before in the ever-changing trends that brides and grooms everywhere have been loving.

From the traditions, we choose to keep—throwing the garter and tossing the bouquet? soooo last year!—to the most popular colors and themes for bridesmaids’ dresses and beyond, wedding trends are shifting with the times. As in, things are getting more and more specific.

Brides don’t just choose red bridesmaid gowns; they choose a specific shade. Themes are getting the specificity treatment, too. A sci-fi wedding isn’t pigeon-holed enough—we need Jurassic Park or Star Wars themed!

20 Best Wedding Trends of 2022

With the help of wedding website Zola’s The First Look Report for 2022, we’re looking at some of the top wedding trends to expect in 2022. As always, the prices listed may fluctuate over time.

1. Lush and moody earth tones

Light, bright and airy is so 2021; keep it moody, dark and vibey in 2022.

Lush and moody earth tones are totally in for 2022. Think neutrals—like previous years—only darker and more dramatic. This year, green and blue are expected to be the top two shades, but more than ever before, one-third of couples are getting truly specific with their hues: sage, olive, hunter, emerald and eucalyptus for greens and navy, dusty blue, turquoise and teal for blues.

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2. Colorful glassware

top wedding trends of 2022 3
A la The Home Edit, it’s all about hitting every color of the rainbow when it comes to the wedding registry.

Registries have trends, too, you know, and in 2022, you may notice a whole lot of vibrant, colorful glass when perusing your bestie’s MyRegistry.com profile. Gone are the days of boring, clear stemware. Estelle Glass is leading the way as one of the top brands added to wedding registries, and with collections that span the whole rainbow, it’s not hard to see why.

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3. Blowing past the budget

top wedding trends of 2022 9
Budgeting for a wedding isn’t exactly a walk in the park; if you’re tying the knot soon, use all the budgeting tools at your disposal.

Yeah, we know this is a weird “trend,” but it’s really happening—and pretty often at that. While most couples will budget anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 for their Big Day, two-thirds of couples are blowing well past that and spending more than what they budgeted for. The main reason? Well, the budget was unrealistic in the first place. Halfway through the wedding planning process, couples have realized how much dough it truly takes.

To not end up like these other couples who had to extend their budgets, try The Knot’s Free Wedding Budgeter. If a physical planner is more your style, there are plenty of wedding budget planners out there, too.

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4. Specific shades of red

top wedding trends of 2022 5
Red is out; burgundy, cabernet, chianti, maroon, oxblood, sangria and wine are in.

“Red” may be the name of the collective Swifties’ favorite Taylor Swift album, but when it comes to wedding trends, brides—and grooms!—are getting much more specific than that. Think burgundy, cabernet, chianti, maroon, oxblood, sangria and wine.

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5. Wedding hashtags

top wedding trends of 2022 10
Did #PeterPopTheQuestion? or do you want your guests to #LetsGetReadyToRussell?!

It’s always been a bit of controversy in today’s technological age—you either love it or you hate it—but wedding hashtags are still reigning supreme, with 44 percent of couples choosing a ‘tag for their big day, according to Zola. We’re not going to be the judge of whether your wedding hashtag is puny-funny or lame, but it certainly is a convenient way to collect all the night’s photos from various social media platforms.

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6. Colorful cookware

top wedding trends of 2022 6
This year’s color trend is transcending to the registry, too, with Caraway Home one of the most added registry brands.

Another registry trend you’ll be seeing a lot in 2022 is colorful cookware—namely, from the brand Caraway Home. Also a top-added wedding registry brand, couples love the departure from monotone neutrals—especially in the kitchen—and are getting hype about color.

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7. Metallic hues

top wedding trends of 2022 10
The metallics trend just got deeper, with couples opting for specific shades like champagne, copper, gold, rose gold, silver and bronze.

Remember: It’s all about the specificity! Sure, metallics are still having a standout moment when it comes to bridal party colors, but in 2022, it’ll get even more particular. Think: champagne, copper, gold, rose gold, silver and of course, bronze.

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8. Vintage and retro vibes

top wedding trends of 2022 14
Keep it hip and modern with a photo booth but keep the vintage vibes going with some old-glam props.

So 2022, but make it vintage glam. Nowadays, we’re seeing a lot of throwback vibes—vintage and retro themes—in the way of old-timey photo booth props, disco ball decorations and even old-Hollywood-glam-inspired makeup. Some couples are fully dedicating their reception—and ceremony!—to one specific era—whether that’s the retro feel of the 70s or hardcore 80s vibes a la the arcade. And, of course, the 1920s Gatsby flapper inspiration will never go out of style. Even still, you don’t have to commit to just one decade. Plenty of couples incorporate fun elements of their favorite historical moments but subtly to make it feel more modern.

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9. Leather jacket

top wedding trends of 2022 13
Say goodbye to bridal denim and hello to the leather jacket.

It’s time for the embroidered “Mrs.” denim jacket to step aside. The leather jacket is having its moment, and brides are here for it! The perfect fit for the edgier bride, any leather jacket—whether it’s white or black, embroidered or painted—will make a statement in any end-of-the-night or even first-look pics. Plus, you can wear it on your honeymoon!

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10. Statement veils

top wedding trends of 2022 11
Brides only wear their veil for a short amount of time—might as well make it fun!

Veils are one of the traditions that brides certainly want to hold onto. While things like wearing a garter or tossing a bouquet behind their back are fading, brides-to-be are still loving the idea of wearing a veil. (Just think of the breathtaking photos of you and your partner together under the veil as the wind breezes by. Add that to your photographer’s Shot List!) But it’s not just veils that are sweeping the wedding industry. Statement veils are also having a moment. From vintage-feeling birdcage veils (like the one pictured above) to cascading trains embroidered with pearls, many Mmes. are having their #VeilMoment in 2022.

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11. Unplugged ceremonies

top wedding trends of 2022 8
Encourage your guests to remain present and unplugged with a polite little sign.

No Wi-Fi is required. Unplugged ceremonies have been a thing for a while now, and with society spending the past two years almost exclusively on Zoom, soon-to-be-married couples still want their guests to put their phones away. In fact, 40 percent of couples tying the knot still ask guests to completely disconnect while bearing witness.

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12. ‘Romantic, classic, earthy and rustic’ themes

top wedding trends of 2022 17
Couples want weddings that fit the following categories: “romantic,” “classic,” “earthy,” and “rustic.”

These terms could mean just about anything, but according to Zola’s report, “romantic,” “classic,” “earthy,” and “rustic” are the buzziest theme words for couples in 2022. All in all? You can sum up these four themes into one bigger one: timeless. Think “garden party” surrounded by florals, blush hues and delicate details that feel enduring—they’ll stand the test of time.

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13. Elements from nature

top wedding trends of 2022 15
Incorporate elements from nature whenever you can—whether florals, wood elements or greenery.

What’s the easiest way to add dynamic design elements to your wedding without spending an arm and a leg? You can borrow them from nature! That could mean incorporating natural elements like wood slices on the tables to a dried eucalyptus hanging above the dais. Think Bella’s wedding decor style from Breaking Dawn: Part 1—only less expensive.

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14. Micro-themes

top wedding trends of 2022 18
Because Snape loved Lily—always.

A micro-theme could be anything niche, such as a wedding based on a specific movie, book or hobby. A “Sci-Fi” themed wedding is much too general. No—it’s full-out Harry Potter, Star Wars or Marvel weddings. Other big micro-themes? Zola calls out Alice in Wonderland, Jurassic Park, The Wizard of Oz and even Shrek. Hey—whatever floats your boat!

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15. Glam pajamas

top wedding trends of 2022 12
Be ready for your morning-of close-up with the perfect pajamas.

It used to be all about the morning-of, getting-ready robe—and it still is!—but nowadays, brides are going all out and pairing that silk robe with some glam jammies to boot. Can you imagine wearing these stunning silk-and-ostrich-feather PJs while you sip your #WeddingDayMimosa and get your makeup done? What a fairytale!

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16. Celestial-themed weddings

top wedding trends of 2022 21
For the couple who is each other’s moon and stars.

Celestial weddings are right up there with some of the top themes of 2022. But what is a celestial wedding? You’re sure to see lots more moon and star decor, “to the moon and back” mantras on signs, lots of shiny gold headpieces and small nods to all things astrological. After all, if the union is written in stars, it makes sense to pay homage to them in decor and theme!

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17. Dried florals

top wedding trends of 2022 19
Dried flowers have a way of always looking chic—plus, they last forever!

Dried florals have been having a moment in weddings lately. First, it started by incorporating them in live bouquets, but brides and grooms have been going totally dried in more recent ceremonies. For one thing, it can be cheaper, and for another, it also lasts a heck of a lot longer. Plus, no preservation techniques are necessary, and dried florals always look good.

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18. QR Codes

top wedding trends of 2022 20
Just like in restaurants, QR codes are making a comeback at weddings since they mean less contact and less printing.

Brides and grooms may want mostly unplugged wedding ceremonies, but that doesn’t mean they’re totally above getting techy. According to Zola, 7 percent of couples are planning to use a QR code somehow. Maybe the dinner menu comes up on a QR code or a timeline, program or even the couples’ honeymoon fund!

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19. Preserving the bouquet

top wedding trends of 2022 16
Preserve your wedding day bouquet by turning it into a tray, acrylic keychain or coaster.

Save your money preserving your wedding dress. You’re never going to wear it again, and if you preserve it in a box, you’re never going to open the box, either. Instead, shell out for something you can enjoy daily: a preserved version of your wedding-day bouquet.

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20. Online wedding planning

It should come as no shock that online wedding planning is here to stay. In fact, Zola says couples are doing a lot of their wedding planning online—if not exclusively. Using Zola.com, it’s easy to book vendors, make a wedding website, create a registry and, of course, get access to plenty of inspiration.

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