Unique locations to host a wedding – Nebraska City News Press

A vineyard can provide an idyllic backdrop for a wedding.

When tying the knot, couples continue to do so in familiar venues. Houses of worship, hotels and country clubs remain wildly popular wedding venues. Couples who want to stray from that norm often look for unique locations to say “I do,” and there’s no shortage of special spots to do just that.

Rooftop venues

Few backdrops inspire the awe of city skylines, especially when couples wait to get hitched until night has fallen and buildings have lit up. Rooftop restaurants and bars have undergone a resurgence in recent years, and these facilities are tailor-made for city-dwelling couples who want an enviable backdrop for their nuptials. Many such establishments are even affiliated with hotels, which can simplify wedding planning.


Couples who want their guests to take a stroll through history before they watch the happy couple stroll down the aisle can consider tying the knot at a local museum. Many museums offer a variety of ceremony and reception options. The vaulted ceilings and airy quality of many art museums make them an ideal place to host large gatherings. The unique decor of such facilities guarantees couples will get some awe-inspiring photos on their big day.


Oenophiles will no doubt love the idea of getting hitched at a vineyard or winery, but even people without a taste for wine can appreciate such locales. Sprawling fields and expansive skies make vineyards and wineries an ideal place to tie the knot, and guests will no doubt enjoy the unique surroundings.


Couples who first bonded over their love of a particular sport and/or favorite team can incorporate that into their nuptials by getting married at a stadium. Professional and collegiate teams typically offer wedding and reception packages, and guests may appreciate the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hang out on the field where their favorite athletes play.

Historic homes

Another go-to option for history buffs, historic homes and mansions can make for memorable places to get married. Such homes tend to have a classic appeal, making them ideal for couples who want traditional weddings that call to mind the grandiose ceremonies of bygone eras.

Couples have an endless array of options when looking for wedding venues. Some outside-the-box options can impress guests and make for memorable ceremonies and receptions.