Victoria Beckham’s dress plans revealed for son Brooklyn’s wedding

Victoria and David Beckham’s son, Brooklyn, is getting ready to marry American actress Nicola Peltz. Photo / Getty Images

Victoria Beckham plans to “co-ordinate” outfits with her best friend, Eva Longoria, at her son Brooklyn’s wedding.

The 47-year-old fashion designer’s eldest child is set to tie the knot with American actress Nicola Peltz next month.

Not only will Longoria be among the guests, she’s revealed the former Spice Girls singer is arranging her outfit for the day, planning to put them in “co-ordinating dresses”.

Brooklyn Beckham and his wife-to-be, Nicola Peltz, will be married in Florida on April 9. Photo / Getty ImagesBrooklyn Beckham and his wife-to-be, Nicola Peltz, will be married in Florida on April 9. Photo / Getty Images

Explaining how Beckham usually styles her, Eva said on People (the TV Show!): “I just go into her closet normally, and go, ‘I need a dress.’

“She’s like, ‘Do you like the black or the green?’ And I say, ‘Black.’ She goes, ‘Great. Green.'”

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Brooklyn and Nicola’s wedding, which will take place on April 9 at the bride’s family estate in Florida, is set to be a lavish affair.

It was recently revealed the 27-year-old bride-to-be will wear two “fairytale” dresses by Valentino for the wedding, and may also wear one of her new mother-in-law’s creations for their evening celebrations.

A source said: “Nicola flew to Rome with her stylish for wedding dress fittings, and has plumped for two fairytale Valentino numbers.

“Victoria Beckham designed Nicola’s engagement dress, and is fully supportive of the move. A VB number is likely to pop up in the evening do.”

The nuptials are expected to feature in Vogue magazine, and the couple – who started dating in October 2019 and got engaged in July 2020 – “want the entire day to be perfect”.

The source added: “Understandably Nicola and Brooklyn want the entire day to be perfect and their attention to detail is quite astonishing.

“Money is obviously no object, but nonetheless they want the day to be a celebration of love, not wealth.

“Vogue’s entertainment director Sergio Kletnoy has heavily wooed the pair and it looks like they will get the exclusive rights to the wedding. Vogue covered Idris Elba’s wedding and it was beautifully shot, It’ll be something very tasteful.”

Brooklyn’s dad David is expected to serve as Master of Ceremonies, while security and privacy will be paramount.

As well as two private security firms – one for each family – keeping unwanted intruders away, guests will also be asked to not take their own photographs, with a social media ban in place.