(Video) Netizens Disgusted By This Bride-to-be’s Ejaculating Penis Cake

When it comes to special occasions including bridal showers, cakes would often be the Pièce de résistance. It’s now a trend to opt for unique-looking cakes to celebrate the bride-to-be in anticipation of their big day, with X-rated themes being a popular selection.

This lady in Indonesia has sparked controversy after a video of her holding a penis-shaped cake during her bridal shower party made its way online. The video went viral in Malaysia after it was reposted by Twitter user Abudi Alsagoff earlier on Tuesday (14th February).

Wtf bila pakai tudung jadi budaya 🤷🏼‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/FdEej2DYQN

— Abudi Alsagoff (@AbudiAlsagoff) February 14, 2023

In the video, the hijab-clad woman can be seen holding the eye-catching cake. It reads “To have to hold”, with a replica of a hand holding the dick. Not only that, the clip also shows the dessert ejaculating! Obviously, the Twitter user didn’t react to kindly to this. He tweeted, “WTF, when wearing the hijab is only a part of culture.”

Netizens also took to the comments section to put the bride-to-be on blast. One commenter known as @shikinfahmi25 wrote, “Even if you wanted to do this among your friends, don’t flaunt it in public 🫠” Another user named @SyaikhaNash added, “Her outfit doesn’t represent her morals,” while @nellyroslan commented, “This is so disgusting. Eww.”

Source: Twitter

At the time of writing (Thursday, 16th February), the video has garnered over 500k views on Twitter.

Source: Twitter.

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