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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani met each other as judges for the reality singing competition “The Voice” and officially tied the knot on July 3rd.

In an Instagram post on July 5, Stephanie put on a robe and turned over a wedding veil covered with a white bow, ending enthusiastic wedding speculation. “July 3, 2021” Stephanie wrote a heart emoji in the caption and tagged Shelton.

The “Today Show” reported that the ceremony was held at Shelton’s Oklahoma Ranch and in the chapel that Shelton built on site for Stephanie. The intimate wedding was attended by 40 guests and was officially hosted by Carson Daly, the host of “Today” and “Voice.”

Stephanie posted a gallery of wedding photos. Some of them show Vera Wang’s gown posing with Shelton under the shining sky with the hashtag #married.

“Dreams come true,” Stephanie wrote in the caption.

A gallery post included a photo of a happy couple running away in a festive golf cart when Stephanie appeared to be throwing a bouquet. Another photo shows two people kissing in front of a multi-layered wedding cake.

According to a release from designer Vera Wang, Stephanie wore a custom-made lily white gown with a wide open chest and a cut back. The gown bears the names of Stephanie’s children (Kingston (15), Zuma (12), Apollo (7)), as well as the hand-embroidered names “Gwen” and “Break”.

At the reception, Stephanie wore Vera Wang’s Lily White Italian silk crepe strapless mini dress. The embroidery of the dress was accentuated by a pair of hand-sewn lovebirds that symbolized the couple. The birds are joined by three baby birds that represent Stephanie’s children.

TMZ posted a video of the couple’s first dance on Peter Gabriel’s “Your Eyes”.

Stephanie, 51, hinted at a wedding on Instagram on Friday and took a picture of her drinking a glass of wine and holding a gift with the caption “SHE’S GETTING MARRII IEEE EED”.

The couple were connected as a set at “The Voice” in 2015. At that time, both were coaches of the NBC Talent Search Show for many years. The pair formed a fast friendship and forged a bond over their complex and attention-grabbing divorce. The following year, Shelton told Tenesian, part of the USA TODAY network, that the relationship “literally saved my life.” He and Stephanie initially suffered from trust issues, but explained that they turned into inspiration for their first duet, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.”

“When you think the situation doesn’t get worse and you can’t survive another day, you may not know what’s around the corner that can save your life. It literally tells me. That’s what happened, “Shelton, 44.

“The fact that we were there for each other and could be so related to each other like anyone else on the planet …. There’s a lot of crazy things out there. Shoulders and someone I literally saved my life because I could be there for you, build relationships, and understand. “

The couple got engaged last October (Stephanie said he “did not know” that the proposal would be made later) and got married in the summer of 2021 after first postponing the schedule for the COVID-19 pandemic. I was interested in the ceremony.

“I heard YES”:Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Engage

Shelton was previously married to country singers Miranda Lambert and Kainet Williams. Stephanie shares her three children with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. Gavin Rossdale officially broke up in 2016.

In a 2017 interview on NBC’s “Today,” Shelton admitted that many fans were embarrassed when they became a couple.

“In people’s defense, I find it very difficult for people to wrap their heads in why Gwen wants to be with me,” he said. “I don’t blame them.”

Shelton said in an interview “Today” in July 2020 that she is working hard to become a positive role model for Stephanie’s three boys.

In an interview, Kotbu asked Shelton about Stephanie’s Instagram post from Father’s Day. So she thanked Shelton, “Helped me raise these boys!”

“It’s a scary moment for me, because it’s one thing for me to be with my kids all the time and be their companion,” Shelton said. “But after a while, you need to consider that they are starting to listen to you. That comes with a lot of responsibility. This is new to me.”

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