Viral TikTok stirs debate as best man steals spotlight in proposal to bridesmaid

Terry Oh

Published: 2023-01-18T05:33:48

Updated: 2023-01-18T05:33:57

In a viral TikTok with over 20 million views, the best man of the wedding proposed to one of the bridesmaids during a wedding, which resulted in a debate in the comment section.

Weddings are typically all about the bride, where they celebrate their big day with close acquaintances in life. But at this particular bride’s wedding, she allowed the best man to propose to one of the bridesmaids, which resulted in great cheer from the attendees, but a split reaction on social media.

The video begins with the bouquet toss. The MC shouts out, “1. 2. 3!”

But rather than randomly tossing the flowers, the bride turns around. The group of people awaiting the toss appear incredibly confused, as this act goes against tradition. Rather than throwing the flowers into the air, the bride hands the bunch of flowers to a bridesmaid, who is apparently the bride’s sister.

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The bridesmaid looks side to side, confused by the untraditional move. Shortly after, the best man appears and bends down on one knee, revealing a box with an engagement ring inside. The to-be fiancé nods yes, and the bride joins the three for a group hug.

“I know the bride was okay with it, but me personally I would be mad as the one getting proposed to because make it its own moment, not someone else’s,” one user stated.

“Yeah I think it’s tacky to propose at a wedding, on the guy’s part, a little more effort, but what do I know,” another added.

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Many other viewers provided a different perspective, fully supporting the proposal.

“I have seen people hate on stuff like this, like they are taking away from the wedding… That’s such bs, this makes it so much more amazing! Share the love!” a TikTok user commented.

“Ya’ll, that’s her sister. Why wouldn’t she wanna share the moment? I love this!” said a supportive comment.