Volunteers make wedding possible after fire at small Kansas church

BELOIT, Kan. (KWCH) – A small-town Kansas wedding will move forward, all thanks to friends, family, and a town coming together after a fire broke out at their venue.

A fire broke out at St. John Baptist Roman Catholic Church in Beloit just two weeks ago, causing a couple to move their ceremony to a different location due to unsafe conditions.

However, thanks to volunteer cleanup efforts this week, the wedding will take place at the church this weekend.

Dean Gengler, the father of the groom, is happy to see it was still possible for his son to get married in his hometown Beloit church, stating, “this is my home parish as well, so it is special to the family to have… the wedding here.”

Investigators believe two young girls are responsible for setting the fire. Father Jarett Konrade of St. John Baptist Roman Catholic Church says the girls apologized.

“As valuable as this structure is, and it’s beyond price… there is no way we could reconstruct this place if it had burned to the ground… As immensely valuable as this space is… Their value as individuals is beyond that price,” said Konrade.

A story of recovery and one of forgiveness in this small Kansas town.

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