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Wallflower Creative is a wedding flower specialist based in Dublin. They offer custom-made flower arrangements and designs to ensure that every wedding they cater to is unique and special. Wallflower Creative has won numerous awards for their outstanding work, including the Wedding Florist of the Year award at the Irish Wedding Awards in 2020.

The company was founded by Ciara O’Shea in 2012. She has a background in horticulture, and her passion for flowers has led her to create beautiful and unique floral arrangements for weddings. Wallflower Creative has grown significantly since its inception, expanding its services and catering to more weddings each year.

Wallflower Creative is a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about making every wedding they work on as beautiful and unique as possible. They understand that every wedding has its personality, style, and individual requirements, and they work closely with clients to ensure their vision is brought to life.

One Fab Day is a popular wedding blog in Ireland that has featured Wallflower Creative’s work numerous times. They’ve consistently recognized Wallflower Creative as one of the top wedding florists in Ireland, praising the company for its unique designs, attention to detail, and excellent customer service.

Wallflower Creative offers a wide range of services, including custom-made bridal bouquets, ceremony flowers, reception flowers, boutonnieres, and table centers. Their expert team can also provide advice on the type of flowers and arrangements that would work best for your wedding, taking into account your venue, wedding colors, and the time of year.

One of the things that set Wallflower Creative apart from other wedding florists is the level of customization they offer. They take the time to get to know their clients’ personalities and style, incorporating their individual tastes into the design of the floral arrangements. Whether it’s a chic, modern style or a traditional and romantic one, Wallflower Creative can cater to every need.

Their artistic flair, attention to detail, and passion for their work have seen them design floral arrangements all over Ireland, creating beautiful setups that remain the talking point long after the wedding ceremony has ended.

Wallflower Creative’s team’s creativity and dedication to their work resulted in many high-profile clients, including many celebrities who have relied on Wallflower Creative to create their beautiful wedding floral arrangements.

They’ve received glowing testimonials from satisfied clients who were delighted with the personal touch of their service, the straight forward and easy to understand proposals, the beautiful arrangements and general approachability of Ciara and the Wallflower team. For many, flowers play a significant role in creating a beautiful wedding, and Wallflower Creative is the go-to destination for all flower-related needs.

Wallflower Creative is a breath of fresh air in the wedding floristry industry, breaking the mold of traditional floral arrangements and offering customized and unique designs that celebrate the personality of the bride and groom. They understand the importance of a wedding day, and the role flowers play in making it an unforgettable and beautiful event.

In conclusion, Wallflower Creative is one of the top wedding florists in Ireland, offering customized floral arrangements that match every couple’s personalities and styles. They have a dedicated team of professionals who work diligently to ensure that every wedding they cater to is special and unique. Their success and recognition are seen by the numerous awards they’ve received, and their beautiful arrangements have been praised by clients and One Fab Day alike. Whether you are planning a traditional or modern wedding, Wallflower creative is the ultimate destination for all of your floral needs, and you won’t be disappointed with their service, creativity, and dedication.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wallflower Creative Wedding Flowers Ireland| One Fab Day

1. What services does Wallflower Creative Wedding Flowers Ireland provide for weddings?
Wallflower Creative Wedding Flowers Ireland provides a range of flower services, including bridal bouquets, ceremony and reception floral arrangements, and floral decor.

2. Can Wallflower Creative Wedding Flowers customize their floral designs to match each individual wedding theme?
Yes, Wallflower Creative Wedding Flowers offers bespoke floral designs that are tailored to match each individual wedding theme.

3. What is the price range for Wallflower Creative Wedding Flowers’ services?
The price range for Wallflower Creative Wedding Flowers’ services varies depending on the size and complexity of the floral arrangements required. Couples can contact the company for a quote.

4. Does Wallflower Creative Wedding Flowers provide a consultation service for couples planning their wedding?
Yes, Wallflower Creative Wedding Flowers provides a consultation service to discuss the couple’s vision and requirements for their wedding floral arrangements.

5. Can Wallflower Creative Wedding Flowers deliver and set up the floral arrangements at the wedding venue?
Yes, Wallflower Creative Wedding Flowers provides a delivery and set-up service to ensure that all floral arrangements are perfectly arranged at the wedding venue.

Common Misconceptions about Wallflower Creative Wedding Flowers Ireland| One Fab Day

1. Wallflower Creative only offers traditional wedding flower arrangements.

2. Wallflower Creative only caters to large weddings and events.

3. Wallflower Creative is only available in Dublin.

4. Wallflower Creative is too expensive for the average wedding budget.

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