Was This Bride Wrong to Kick a Girl She Doesn’t Know Out of Her Wedding?

By: Elizabeth Ervin
| Published:
February 25, 2023

Weddings mark a significant occasion for two individuals to publicly affirm their love and dedication to each other, surrounded by their dearest friends and relatives. However, this particular day can quickly become a disaster when unexpected events occur.

One such event recently unfolded when a bride kicked out a girl she didn’t know from her wedding. The incident has caused quite a stir on social media and sparked a heated debate about wedding etiquette and whether or not the bride was in the wrong.

Here Is Their Story

A couple (27 years old) married a few weeks ago. For the sake of their story, we’ll call them Kelly and Kyle. Kyle is still upset about an incident at the wedding reception. The couple had only extended plus ones to married couples or individuals with whom they had a close relationship.

Kyle had a childhood friend coming from out of state and a girlfriend of three years, whom the bride had met a few times. Although Kelly was hesitant to extend a plus one to the friend, she agreed to do so to make her husband happy, as the friend was traveling alone and didn’t know anyone else at the wedding.

However, at the reception, Kelly noticed the friend with a girl she had never seen. Upon inquiring with her husband, she was informed that the friend’s girlfriend had broken up with him a few days before the wedding, and he had brought a friend instead.

Kelly was upset as she had made an exception for the friend and didn’t want any strangers at her wedding. So she had a bridesmaid ask the friend to leave. He didn’t “make a fuss” and left with the girl.

Kyle found out about the incident the next day, and the couple argued. He is angry that the friend was asked to leave without talking to him. A few weeks later, he is still bringing up the incident from time to time, and the friend still won’t answer his texts.

Finally, Kelly confessed she “Kinda feels bad” about the situation but emphasized that it was her wedding and didn’t want any strangers there. What do you think about this scenario? Here is how the internet responded to the newlywed.

You Knew What You Were Doing

One explained – “What was the actual harm of this person being there at that point? And he had a plus one, and it is unlikely he knew you gave him a dispensation on your special day. 

It comes off as power-hungry and controlling. You responded to perceived rudeness with the ultimate disrespect. You kicked someone out, and come on. You knew her date would follow, so you booted your husband’s friend.”

You Ruined Your Husband’s Wedding

Another pointed out – “You were so concerned about making the wedding perfect for yourself that you ruined it for your husband.”

You Got Offended Because She Existed

A third gave three reasons why Kelly was wrong, 

  • Not inviting unmarried long-term partners in the first place. 
  • You kicked someone out of the wedding who hadn’t done anything wrong and had traveled and paid money to be at your wedding (being a wedding guest isn’t cheap).
  • You completely disregarded your husband and his friendship with his friend in all of this. I’m curious if your friend gave you a wedding present. If so, the least you can do is give it back so he can get a refund.”

You Acted Like a Spoiled Toddler Having a Temper Tantrum

Finally, one shared, “You were unconscionably rude. Ridiculously wrong. And wow, instead of focusing on your man and letting yourself be happy on your wedding day, you acted like a spoiled toddler having a temper tantrum.”

What do you think? Do you understand why this bride kicked her out, or do you agree with the others from the thread?


This article was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.

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