‘We aren’t materialistic, but I feel embarrassed’

A groom is upset that none of his male friends got him wedding gifts.

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He went on Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum for help. About 20 of his friends attended his wedding. Now, a year later, he hasn’t received a single gift from any of them. He’s wondering if he should feel odd about the situation.

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“Almost one year after our wedding it’s official: None of my (groom) friends gave us gifts,” the Redditor said. “We had our wedding in September last year. We had about 75 invitees out of which about 20 were my friends. We aren’t materialistic at all but I feel embarrassed with my wife because none of my friends gave us absolutely any gifts.”

The Redditor added that the couple’s one-year anniversary dinner was coming up and his wife reminded him of the situation.

“The invitation had three wedding gift lists had the website information where there were three wedding gift lists with gifts ranging from $20 up, meaning people could pick and choose,” he said.

Ultimately, he just felt “weird” that his friends didn’t give the couple anything for their wedding and never mentioned it.

People weren’t sure what to make about the group of men’s behavior.

“I was raised that you never go anywhere empty handed,” a user commented.

“This would have hurt my feelings,” another said.

“This is super puzzling and definitely something to reflect on your friends about. Are they particularly generous or cheap?” a person wrote.

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